Business greetings in other countries

Service Business

Polish entrepreneurs establish business contacts not only with Polish, but also with foreign contractors. While the national business etiquette should be known to them, they can have quite a problem with knowing foreign ones. Find out what business greetings in other countries look like so that you don't make a blunder when you first face-to-face contact with a partner from another country.


When meeting with a Chinese contractor, avoid too close contact during greetings. A slight bow will be a well-perceived gesture. Interestingly, it is possible to shake hands, but for this gesture, you should wait for the initiative of the other party. It is unacceptable to pat or squeeze guests from China with both hands.


In contrast to greetings with Chinese contractors, here it is advisable to maintain eye contact during the greeting, which usually takes the form of a firm, firm and energetic embrace. Failure to do so will result in you being judged as being dishonest. In this case, it is also not advisable to pat. This type of behavior can be used in friendlier contacts with US business partners.


The basis for greeting in Japan is a bow. However, when returning it, Polish entrepreneurs should remember a few basic rules:

  1. the more important the person, the deeper the bow should be;

  2. the person in the lower position bows to the person in the higher position first;

  3. eye contact is not maintained during greeting as it is tantamount to disrespect.

Interestingly, Japanese businessmen can shake hands while greeting them. This gesture should be reciprocated.

Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, you can expect a warm and courteous welcome. In subsequent meetings, you can expect a kiss on the cheek or a two-handed grasp of the interlocutor's hand.

When meeting a contractor from Saudi Arabia, you should learn more about contacts with the opposite sex, which is also important in the business sphere.