Back to the past: 90s youth series

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Cult youth series in the 90s broke records of popularity. Almost everyone knew a computer virus outside the system, a machine that changed objects or a book Live oak. So it's hard to believe that the above youth series are almost 20 years old. We remember them with sentiment because today it is really difficult to find such images. What productions gained popularity at that time?

Youth series: WOW

Certainly many of us know a computer virus that penetrates the real world, and in addition makes friends with a little boy. The virus, later in the form of a glowing ball, is very clever and therefore can solve many problems. His excellent memory and the abovementioned abilities make him a tasty morsel for the sneaky Morgan. He owns a computer game company, so it's no surprise that he wants WOW to go into his hands. Of course, today this youth series may seem a bit funny because it portrays the world of computers rather unreal, but in the 90s few people paid much attention to it.

Youth series: Star Pirate

Star Pirate is a very popular youth series from the 90s. The whole action is based on the legend of the pirate Emilio, who steals a valuable treasure from the planet Athara, and then hides in the underworld. Hooger follows him. After this event, hearing about these two is lost. These events are described in the book Live oak. Its author gains enormous popularity and invites a group of children to the village of Żywodąb. When another group of young people appears in the old villa, they all decide to go underground and learn about Emilio's secret. They manage to solve many amazing puzzles and confirm that the described legend is true.

Youth Series: The Machine of Change

Two caregivers and children suffering from allergies go to the sanatorium - this is how the action of the youth series begins Change machine. Although the place seems quite inconspicuous, in one of the rooms the children find an old piano that leads to the underground. While visiting this amazing place, they notice an extraordinary machine. The owner left behind a film in which he explains that if something is inside it, it is turned into an undefined thing. This state always lasts until 21:00. The find begins a series of unforeseen events.

Youth series: The Mystery of Sagala

In ancient times, the Earth was a paradise, and its inhabitants had everything they wanted thanks to Sagala - an unusual stone that only worked when it could do good. However, people began to use him for evil purposes, which is why Sagala broke up into many parts and lost its power. Centuries later, part of it ends up in the hands of Kuba, who collects stones. He guesses that Sagala is becoming very powerful again, so she moves with her mother and brother so that both they and the stone gain complete safety.Kuba also meets the guardian of Sagala and sets out with him and his brother on a journey back in time to save his mother.

Watching the aforementioned youth series again is a real journey through time. If only we have such an opportunity, it is really worth doing it, if only to compare how much television has changed for young people over the last 20 years.