Positioning of websites - what is it, how does SEO work, what does it give and how much does web optimization cost?

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Promoting a company on the Internet is increasingly becoming a priority for entrepreneurs from various industries. Unfortunately, still too many people do not realize how much they are losing due to the lack of effective online marketing activities. The basis of online promotion and internet marketing is website positioning, so let's take a look at what exactly this service is all about, what activities it includes, what benefits entrepreneurs can expect and how much it all costs.

Positioning of pages in Google search engine - what is it?

You can hear about positioning practically at every step and it is no wonder, because working on the position of the website in the search engine is the basis of internet marketing. Therefore, website positioning is a process focused on website optimization (Search Engine Optimization) for the requirements of the search engine and gradual improvement of its position in the search results for specific popular keywords.

Keywords (keywords) are phrases that Internet users enter into the search engine (usually Google) in order to find information, products or services of interest to them. Positioning is therefore a very powerful marketing tool because it allows you to reach potential customers who are already interested in a specific topic and know exactly what they want.

Based on its algorithm, Google determines the authority of the page and to what extent its content is adapted to the query of users. Despite the fact that the exact determinants of Google are unknown (the algorithms have been programmed in such a way as to independently determine the position of pages, without human help), SEO specialists can optimize the website according to commonly used strategies. Therefore, website positioning is a proven way to develop your business.

Website positioning - how does it work?

In order for website positioning to help in brand development, the website positioning company must take into account the factors that determine the website's position in Google. One of the most important issues is content, i.e. the content on the website. Google's algorithms evaluate the page based on the content of specific keywords in the content on the site. The uniqueness and quality of the texts are equally important. One cannot forget about the importance of the length of the content on the website and the reaction of Internet users to content marketing - whether they read the texts to the end and whether they take any action. SEO specialists must also take care of the quality of links coming from external websites with similar topics and such aspects as, inter alia, page code optimization, graphics optimization, H1-H6 headers, the use of an SSL certificate and secure HTTPS protocol, page loading speed or User Experience. It must be remembered that the website cannot be optimized only for the search engine, because its target group is primarily people.

Positioning of websites - SEO on-page

SEO includes technical optimization of the website and other marketing activities related to the adaptation of the website to Google's guidelines, which have an impact on the ranking of positions in SERPs (natural search results). Positioning is therefore divided into on-page (SEO on-page) and off-page (SEO off-page) activities.

The first stage of on-site SEO optimization is an SEO audit and the development of a positioning strategy. It is necessary to select popular phrases - keyword research. Once you've chosen your keywords, SEO specialists can start making changes to your website. The most important element is the publication of valuable content saturated with keywords. However, it will not do without eliminating any errors that prevent proper indexing of the page. Specialists also take care of friendly URLs, page title - title, page description description, supplementing ALT attributes, adapting the website to mobile devices or improving the speed of the page. On-page SEO optimization also means improving website navigation and graphics optimization. The promotion of a website on Google is therefore a rather complicated process that requires patience as algorithms may only notice significant changes in user response and website quality after some time has passed.

Positioning of websites - off-page SEO

The second, no less important element of SEO is off-page optimization, i.e. activities carried out outside the website. Off-site activities take place off-site, therefore it is not always possible to have full control over them. However, SEO companies can use a number of strategies to increase the chances of getting a lot of inbound links from other sites and positive signals from social media. The basic element of off-page SEO is link building, i.e. building a link profile. These are links that take you to your site from elsewhere on the Internet. Links marked with the "dofollow" attribute are of the greatest importance for positioning, because it is a sign for Google bots to follow this link. The most effective link building technique is creating valuable content that will be willingly shared by other Internet users.

SEO on the Internet - what does it give?

Positioning on the Internet is one of the most popular promotional methods today for a reason. More and more entrepreneurs realize the importance of effective advertising on the Internet for the development and future of their company. So what are the most important benefits of positioning?

  • Increasing the number of visits to the website.
  • Reaching a group of Internet users who are really interested in the offer of a given company.
  • Access to many more potential customers, especially those in the area.
  • Positioning in search engines is an improvement in the position of the website and at the same time a great way to build brand recognition.
  • Positioning websites on Google is also an opportunity to gain the status of a leader in the industry.
  • The positioning of phrases guarantees an increase in reach.
  • Effective website positioning is a great way to gain an advantage over the competition.
  • Website positioning and page optimization help in carrying out advertising campaigns in Google Ads.
  • Positioning is an opportunity for continuous development of the company and greater profits.

Positioning is one of the best investments in the development of the company, because after a few months you can notice the first real effects: increase in reach, increase in position for popular keywords, increase in the number of users - customers and a significant improvement in conversion.

The price of website positioning - what does it depend on?

As with virtually any other service, questions are often asked on the web about the price of website positioning. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question, because each SEO company sets a price list based on the scope of work, length of cooperation or other terms of the contract. You can find a positioning service for just a few hundred zlotys a month, as well as an offer for which you have to pay several or several thousand zlotys per month. However, it is worth remembering that the cheapest positioning offers often do more harm than good. The price of positioning depends, among others on the history of the website and the content on it, the industry's competitiveness and positioned phrases, the estimated time needed to achieve the planned goals, the number of keywords, and sometimes also the individual conditions for a specific client.

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SEO agency - effective positioning in Google

In many cases, only a professional SEO agency or an advertising company on the Internet can provide satisfactory results, because the website positioning process is so complicated that it requires the cooperation of specialists from many fields. Effective website positioning carried out by an experienced SEO agency is always a good investment - it allows you to increase website traffic, increase website reach, increase the number of customers and increase conversions, which directly increases the company's income. The advertising agency in Google is a guarantee of quality and reliability - all professional companies provide regular reports on the activities performed and the results obtained.So clients know what they spend their money on and how positioning helps their companies grow.

How To Choose The Right SEO Agency?

Even though websites can be created very quickly today, good website optimization and the best website positioning take time. In order for these activities to be effective, the website positioning service should be provided by professionals. So what should the SEO offer be like? First of all, it is understandable to the client. This means that at the beginning of cooperation, he should know what the cost of optimization will be and what activities will be included in the positioning of the pages. Communication at a later stage is also important, such as regular consultations and reports. Good positioning of the company is not only technical SEO optimization, placing keywords in the content or acquiring links to the website (link building), but also professional internet analytics, ongoing monitoring of works and activities supporting and even improving the results. That is why it is worth using the services of an experienced SEO agency that carries out activities on many of these levels.

One of such companies is the SEM SEO SEMPIRE agency from Poznań, which provides the necessary data, supported by professional analysis, already at the stage of the first talks with the client. Contact the company to receive free information, talk about your industry and competitors, learn about the best ways to promote a website, and get professional support from SEM and SEO specialists.

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