Position yourself locally - the advantages of having a business card in Google maps

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Do you run a business and would like to promote it locally? Although the website can help you with this, you will also acquire additional customers by adding your business to Google Maps listings. Presence in local search results allows you to present your offer to users who are looking for specific services and products close to their current location.

Who is local SEO for?

Positioning, i.e. promoting the offer through business cards in Google maps, is an option that can be used by every entrepreneur. This solution works best in the case of small and medium-sized companies whose activities are closely related to the local market. Who is affected? For example hairdressers, car mechanics, owners of hotels, restaurants or beauty salons. In other words: all those who provide services or offer products in a specific place and whose business is based on the local community.

Thanks to the use of business cards in Google maps, potential customers will be able to check your company's address, opening hours, access and reviews that have already been issued by other customers with almost one click. You can also add photos with geographical meta tags to your listing, which will appear in Google Street View maps, and even allow a virtual walk around the premises that will allow you to visit it "from the inside".

A business card is, in a sense, knowledge about your company, condensed in a nutshell. It accumulates key information for a potential customer who is looking for your offer. If you provide him with precise and convincing answers, you have a greater chance that he will be interested in your offer and will visit you in-store.

The era of mobile internet

The dynamically developing market of mobile devices - such as smartphones and tablets - as well as easier and cheaper access to the Internet, resulted in a significant increase in searches using tools equipped with GPS modules that know our exact location.

In order to meet the needs of users, Google improves the algorithm of local search results, among other things, in order to present them the companies closest to their current location. So if any of your potential customers is near your premises and enters a search engine query for the relevant industry, they will likely see your Google Maps business card. Reliable and transparent information included in it along with appropriate SEO support will make the company more visible within your city and will allow you to attract more customers, as well as easier to find its physical location.

Remember that Google focuses on simplicity and measurable benefits for the user. Transparent and reliable information in Google Maps is by far the greatest value because it directly affects its comfort. Google's algorithms automatically recognize whether the query is local or not. Then they suggest the best search results, including those for companies located near the user's current location, saving him the tedious task of digging through dozens of links and checking the distance of physical addresses on the map.

Unequal fight with giants

A small or medium-sized company like yours probably has a smaller budget for professional marketing activities than its large, nationwide competition. For this reason, it will be difficult for you to get satisfactory results from organic searches alone. Fortunately, local search works in your favor because it has completely different rules. What matters here is the distance between the place where the potential customer is currently located and the headquarters of your company. In this clever way, you can win against more competition, even with a much lower advertising budget.

Remember: If you run a small or medium-sized business, try the opportunities provided by Google Maps business cards. By focusing on locally targeted marketing activities, you attract local customers for whom using the services of a nearby company is convenient and allows you to build a lasting company-consumer relationship. Get started today: sign up for Google Maps and start reaching consumers!

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