Loans from SG OP for liquidity of companies from the SME sector


The current COVID-19 epidemic has a negative impact not only on health, but also on the country's economy. Therefore, the government is introducing a number of measures to support entrepreneurs suffering from the adverse effects of the coronavirus. Another planned measure is POIR loans for small and medium-sized enterprises from all over Poland.

Loans from POIR - what should you know about them?

A new form of assistance with the negative effects of the coronavirus in the form of a loan fund has been prepared by the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. According to the plan, loan applications can be submitted as early as the end of April. PLN 400 million from the Intelligent Development Program (POIR) was allocated to this measure. The main purpose of the loans is to cover the current liabilities of entrepreneurs and to pay off employees' salaries. If the funds from the loan go to liabilities to counterparties, there will be a double benefit. On the one hand, the taxpayer will have no debts, and on the other hand, the counterparty will receive cash (resulting from receivables).

This loan is combined with a subsidy, which means that the borrower will only be required to repay the capital taken out. Thus, there will be no additional costs, including interest and commission. Loans will be granted by financial intermediaries selected by BGK, e.g. loan funds.

Main parameters of the loan from the SGOP

The maximum value of a loan from the SG OP that entrepreneurs will be able to receive is PLN 15 million. The amount awarded will be determined individually on the basis of one of the following three criteria:

  1. 25% of the turnover value for 2019,

  2. double the value of the annual salary statement for 2019 or for the last available year (for companies operating in a shorter period, this will be the forecast salary amount),

  3. an amount sufficient to secure liquidity for the next 18 months, which will be declared and verified by an intermediary.

However, the repayment period will be a maximum of 6 years. There is also a grace period for repayment, which will not exceed 6 months. It also accepts the possibility of taking "credit holidays"Once a year for a period of 2 months in the first two years of repayment. Taking advantage of these options will extend the loan repayment period by the length of the grace period and credit holidays, respectively. As mentioned above, the loan is free, therefore there will be no interest, additional fees and commissions. Only the capital taken up will be repaid. The security will be a blank promissory note up to 100,000. zloty. For higher values, a promissory note plus add-ons will apply in accordance with the Broker policy.