Ads on Facebook - acquiring contacts for your company

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Your company has a fanpage on Facebook, and you are actively advertising it on the largest social networking site? If your activities so far focused especially on acquiring sales leads, you should be interested in this form of advertising on Facebook. You can get contacts whenever Facebook users click on your ad. How to do it? Just take a few minutes!

Lead Ads - how contact ads on Facebook work

Facebook ads that allow you to acquire contacts for your company are called lead ads and are used with some efficiency by several well-known brands. How does it work? After clicking on your ad, specifically on the call-to-action button placed on it, the user will be presented with a form in which he will be asked for the data you want to obtain for your company. The form can be empty or partially filled with data about the user, held by Facebook. The recipient of the advertisement will have to complete the form (if necessary) and consent to the processing and storage of data.

This is a significant facilitation of classic lead-focused campaigns. For example, mailing data can be provided to the advertiser only through two or three clicks of the ad recipient, and not through the often tedious and time-consuming filling out forms, which often discourage potential subscribers from subscribing to your mailing list.

Ads on Facebook - how to create an ad that acquires contacts?

Creating a Facebook ad that will allow you to easily get contacts to your potential customers takes literally a few minutes. Of course, the ad wizard will help you, as it will guide you step by step through the stages of creating lead ads. At the very beginning, when you are logged in to the company's Facebook profile, click on the arrow in the upper right corner, to the right of the horizontal blue bar. A menu from which you choose an option will unfold Create an ad. The ad wizard will open and you will see a list like this:

At the very bottom you can see the item Acquire contacts. Click on it and enter the name of the campaign. Then a window will appear with the rules of advertising acquiring contacts. We recommend that you read the entire content of the regulations and read them carefully. If you agree to the terms, click the blue button at the bottom of the window. Then you set the parameters, like in many other types of Facebook advertising - target group, schedule of ad impressions, estimated budget. In the section of creating an advertising message, next to the image page and the text included in the ad, you must also set a call-to-action that will be included in the message.

In the drop-down menu, you can choose from several call-to-action button options - submit a request now, download, check the price, more information, register and subscribe. Depending on which one you choose, such a button will be added to your ad. Then enter the link to the page to which you are sending your audience, as well as the description of the link that will be included in the ad. On the right, you will see a preview of your Facebook ad for both desktop and mobile devices.

In the next section, your task will be to create a contact acquisition form. You click on the button New form - a window will appear in which you need to set the name of the form and its language. After entering it and moving on, you will be asked to add a contextual card - this is a card that will be added to the ad to, for example, present the recipient the benefits of filling in the form or promote a specific product. If you want to add a contextual card while creating an ad, click on the button Add a contextual tab. However, this is an optional choice and is not necessary to create a Facebook ad that will bring you contacts. In the contextual card creation window, you set the headline, image, benefit text (for the ad recipient - it can take the form of a list or continuous text), the text of the call to action that will be on the c-t-a button. After determining the appearance of the card, you click the button Next.

The next step is to add questions to the form. By default, it includes questions about the name and surname and e-mail address of the recipient who clicked on the ad, although the list of questions about the user can be extended to a maximum of 21. After clicking the button Show more options You will have 18 other questions about the user to choose from - these are questions about contact details (e.g. home address, telephone number), demographic data (age, gender, marital status) and job data (profession, business telephone number) . You can enter other additional questions tailored to your needs, but there can be no more than 3. To add them, click the button Add a question at the bottom of the window. If this is an open ended question, the Answers leave blank - if closed, enter in the field Answers proposed choices, approving each entry.

When you decide on the questions included in the form, you click on the button Next in the lower right corner and go to add a link to the privacy policy. You can also add other legal information by checking the box in the section Custom legal information. Then you have the option of adding a restriction or consent needed by the ad recipient. Once you have agreed all the details, click Next and go to the page where you put the link to the landing page - the subscriber will get there after completing the form. Click here Finish the form and go back to the ad wizard.

Facebook Ads - Contact Download

Ads on Facebook for the purpose of gaining contacts are a significant facilitation compared to traditional forms. Their main advantage is the partial auto-completion based on the data that the user has placed on the social network. The recipients of advertisements do not have to painstakingly fill out dozens of sections, which does not necessarily make them feel positive about advertising, and thus - the company. The user can, for example, subscribe to the newsletter with a few clicks. You will get a lead, and the recipient of the advertisement - valuable time and gratification that you offered for signing up.

However, how to download contacts to users who took the action included in the ad? The easiest way to do this is from your fan page - select Publishing Tools visible on the top bar in the main page view. Then click Contact Acquisition Ad Forms. A library of forms will appear - next to the record of interest, click Download, which will export data in CSV format. You can also download contacts thanks to integration with the CRM system or via the API interface.

We showed you how you can use this Facebook ad format, which gives you the opportunity to acquire contacts for the company. We have described in detail the process of creating this type of advertising - we hope you will use this attractive form of obtaining leads for your business!