PR - two letters, many benefits. Public relations in a nutshell

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Public relations are activities thanks to which the company can systematically communicate with its environment. Therefore, it is an important element that ensures the achievement of the company's economic goals.

Public relations - what is it?

Public relations, or PR in short, is designed to build and then maintain the company's relations with institutions, organizations, the media or customers. The goals of public relations are building a positive image of the company, gaining favorable opinions, as well as appropriate reaction to negative phenomena and unfavorable information about a given company.

Public relations and marketing

Public relations is very often confused with marketing. Marketing meets human needs and manages the relationship between the company and its customers. The goal of marketing is to achieve the economic goals of the company by meeting the needs of consumers.

Public relations has goals other than marketing, but they are complementary to them. Therefore, it is very often used as a marketing support tool. Public relations is a much broader category because it manages the relations between the company and its employees, investors, local community, government organizations, media, as well as customers - that is, relations with both the external and internal environment of the company.

Public relations - tools

  • brochures, folders, leaflets,
  • post office - occasional letters,
  • gifts - small items with the company's logo, gifts for contractors,
  • corporate events - symposiums, conferences, open days in the company,
  • sponsorship - subsidies and financial aid for sports clubs, co-financing of concerts.

Public relations - benefits

Here are some examples of the benefits of using PR activities:

  • provides true information and corrects those that are incorrect or unfavorable,
  • improves and constantly improves communication within the company,
  • affects the positive image of the company in the media and on the Internet,
  • convinces the environment that the company acts in accordance with its interests,
  • indirectly supports the processes of selling products on the market.

As you can see, public relations can bring you many benefits. It is mainly thanks to him that the company builds its reputation in the environment, which increases its market value.

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