Working at a computer - health and safety requirements


Health and safety regulations quite precisely refer to the issues of working conditions and safety of our employees. However, it often happens that we translate them into the reality of production employees only, ensuring that they wear protective clothing appropriate to the work they perform. On the other hand, in this matter, unfortunately, office workers are neglected, who are also exposed to various health impairments - which is primarily influenced by long-term work at the computer.

Employer's obligations in the field of health and safety

The primary duty of the employer is to comply with all health and safety regulations, regardless of the work performed by the employee. The basis of the regulations is the proper organization of the work environment. Nowadays, there is practically no company where computer work is not required. That is why it is worth becoming interested in the restrictions of health and safety regulations regarding office positions.

A person working at a computer, employed by an employer (also apprentices and interns) uses a computer for at least half of the daily working time, i.e. at least 4 hours a day (§ 2 point 4 of the Regulation on occupational safety and health at workstations equipped with screen monitors , hereinafter referred to as the regulation).

Working at the computer - breaks at work

When the work at the computer lasts continuously for an hour, the employer is obliged to organize the work in such a way that it is possible to change the type of work to be eye-friendly or performed in a changed body position. In the event that the employer cannot provide such a change, he must allow a minimum 5-minute break for each working hour in front of the monitor screen (§ 7 of the Regulation). Such a break is included in the employee's time and is normally payable.

Corrective glasses for those working at the computer

Another obligation regulated by health and safety regulations towards the employer is to provide glasses that correct eyesight for employees working at workstations equipped with screen monitors. The basis for covering the costs of purchasing glasses by the employer are ophthalmological examinations, confirmed by an occupational medicine doctor's certificate. Only in this case is there an obligation to refinance the corrective glasses for employees. When we send a person employed or applying for a full-time job in our company for examinations to an occupational doctor, it will be determined whether there is a need to buy glasses for the employee
The amount of the refinancing the cost of purchasing glasses is determined by the employer himself in the internal regulations of his company. Nevertheless, the amount must be set so that it allows you to buy glasses in accordance with the doctor's recommendations.