Working from home - how to arrange a home office?

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Working from home is an increasingly popular form of performing professional duties. Initially reserved for freelancers, today it is also popular among employees of large corporations. After all, instead of standing in a traffic jam for several hours a day, you can already carry out your work schedule for a given day at the same time. Everything seems simple and pleasant, but you should remember about proper organization. Not only the professional one, but related to the environment. Otherwise, it may turn out that working from home is a real torment - also for the rest of the household. How to avoid chaos and arrange a comfortable home office?

Working from home - organize your space

A home office usually serves only one, maximum two people, so you do not have to consider the organization of a room for receiving guests or business clients. In fact, a well-organized space separated from the rest of the apartment is enough so that nothing distracts us while working. In single-family houses, owners often decide to adapt the attic or ground floor - although it requires a well-thought-out ventilation system, especially in hot weather. However, in a block of flats, where the space is usually more limited, you have to try harder to find a place.

If we have the option, we can arrange a separate room - away from the kitchen or living room, where the other members of the household are most often staying. Alternatively, if there is a smaller space or the occasional need to use the office, you can allocate a place for this purpose in the bedroom or living room. A good solution is also building a loggia, but it is associated with a major renovation and in most cases - the need to insulate the floor. However, the effect is worthwhile, because without losing the space in the apartment, we gain our own, perfectly lit office.

Once you choose a place, you should think about usability. Generally speaking - only office stuff should be present in the office, so that after finishing work, you can close the door behind you and rest. In studios or small apartments, the doors can be replaced with sliding panels made of material or plastic. You can also fence off the office with a large bookcase, flowers or a movable wall. It all depends on the layout of the apartment and our creativity. However, let's not neglect the issue of finishing, because the comfort of work affects its quality. Working from home is also work - so remember not to use your home office as another part of the apartment.

Home office furniture

In the office, the base is an armchair and a suitably wide desk. Interior catalogs tempt us with more and more fancy office chairs or stylized seats. However, let's not be fooled by the colors and designer finishes. After all, we sit at our desks for a good few hours a day. Therefore, for the sake of comfort and, above all, the health of the spine, we should choose a decent office chair. And there is a lot to choose from. On the market, we can find a huge selection - from those with a special, ergonomic shape, to minimalist ones with increased resistance to dirt, etc. You can also order an armchair with the upholstery of your choice, thanks to which it will not differ from the style in which we have arranged the apartment. It is also worth paying attention to the wheels - if we have a wooden floor, we may need special wheels to prevent the surface from scratching, or an additional office pad.

Choosing a desk is less complicated. There are ready-made table tops on the market, for which legs can be purchased separately. Depending on the place and preferences, we should choose a relatively large desk that will accommodate a keyboard, monitor and documents. If we do not have enough space to put a desk that will accommodate devices such as a printer or scanner - consider wireless devices. Then we can buy a smaller countertop and hide the devices, for example, on separate shelves in the apartment. With more space, you can be tempted by desks in a set with drawers and special compartments for documents - but it is worth bearing in mind the comfort of their use. Sometimes it is better to put all your documents in a separate closet or on a shelf than to bang your knees on an extra piece of furniture under the countertop each time. On the other hand, we must bear in mind that working remotely from home requires perfect organization, so it is worth having binders, notebooks and a calendar, and additional drawers will always be useful.

Organization and decorations in the home office

A home office is more than a workplace. It is supposed to facilitate activities such as working from home, so it should look aesthetically pleasing, so that it is pleasant to stay in it. Avoid the excess of accessories and decorations, because the mess will overwhelm us and sooner or later we will have problems because of it. A good patent is to change curtains to blinds and heavy carpets to neat floor panels. In this way, it will be easier to keep the room clean, and the work area will not accumulate as much dust. Unfortunately, computers and all electronic devices collect dust, so it is worth limiting the presence of textiles to a minimum.