Remote work - basic rules

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More and more people work from home. A large part of them are so-called freelancers carrying out orders from various entities - copywriters, scriptwriters, graphic designers. Usually it is an unforced choice, but sometimes work in this form is the result of unfavorable circumstances or bad will of the employer. The so-called teleworking, i.e. full-time employment with the performance of tasks via a computer or telephone, is gaining popularity - slowly but consistently.

Remote work - is it worth it?

For many, working in a warm and friendly home may seem like something fantastic. The reality, however, is not so colorful - there are also some serious disadvantages of such a professional model. People employed on teleworking basis are in a better situation - having the constant control of their superiors, mobilization for effort is significantly strengthened. Freelancers are in a worse position - and it is them who are the subject of this guide, in which we present some fundamental tips to facilitate effective remote work.

Remote work environment

The most important thing is to properly prepare the environment. Make your room turn into office hours - clear your desk, remove "distractions", dress as if you were actually in a room full of people. The worst thing you can do is sit in your pajamas or hang out with your computer under the covers. This approach puts a person to sleep, it is not conducive to intellectual effort. Keep the home office quiet - if there are residents nearby, ask them to respect your focus on the tasks. Explain to them that you are at work and unavailable from then on. If you want, turn on the music. Television is out of the question - it engages too many senses, which may be unnecessarily absorbing.

A computer for a freelancer

It is practically impossible to do remote work without a computer. So he is a great friend of man, although he can also be ... the greatest enemy. After all, it offers a lot of entertainment - and this is checking Facebook, and this is watching videos on YouTube, and this is playing your favorite titles. Sometimes it is difficult to resist taking a momentary break for relaxation, which may last up to an hour. Of course, the ideal solution would be to have two computers - one for work, the other for fun and relaxation. It's a nice solution, but not many people can afford it. So she remains strong and free and focus on the tasks performed. With time, you can develop such strength.

Remote work schedule

Before starting remote work, it is worth making a plan. If you have an assignment to do, spread it out rationally over the remaining days until the end of the deadline. Almost every human being has a fatal tendency to leave everything to the last minute. And that's a very damaging thing - under time pressure, many things just don't work out. Don't take time off - if you feel bad, you can cut back on your assumptions for the day. In no case do not let go completely, try to move forward a little bit. Check when you feel the greatest willingness to make intellectual effort. When working remotely, you do not have to get up early, but if this time is optimal for you - set the alarm clock. The key issue faced by freelancers is the lack of a clear boundary between private and professional life. On the occasion of organizing the environment, we mentioned that clothing and the right attitude of the household are important. It is also necessary to add a clear division of the day into working hours and free time. This is why the schedule is so necessary. People who work in a standard rhythm and place, after eight hours of work, devote themselves completely to their affairs. On the other hand, someone with a home office may have a problem with this.

Remote work - for whom?

The conclusion from these recommendations is that remote work is a solution for organized, consistent and strong-willed people. If you do not have these characteristics, you may feel better working in a classic, clearly defined framework. On the other hand, remote work may not be a free choice, but a compulsion resulting from the poor situation on the labor market - in this case, you just need to start a complex training of your own character.