Employee's Facebook profile - why is it not worth browsing?

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Employers are more and more willing to use the possibilities of the Facebook social network to recruit, evaluate or even promote employed people. Viewing published content can be a treasury of knowledge about an employee. Customs, habits, interests, and even the way of communicating in public with friends say a lot about a person's personality and value system. The employee should be responsible for what they make available on the website, but what they do in their spare time should not be of great importance to the employer. Nevertheless, social networks are becoming a common source of information about employed people. Why is it not worth checking the employee's profile on Facebook? How should the company's policy in this regard be conducted?

The employee's profile on Facebook is not GoldenLine or LinkedIn!

Employers should bear in mind that not all social networking sites should be a source of information about the employees, and certainly not the employee's profile on Facebook. When recruiting a new person for work, it is worth taking a look at their profiles on websites whose aim is to present work experience, skills and qualifications. It is worth visiting GoldenLine or LinkedIn, where the information that should be of greatest interest to entrepreneurs is published. The potential candidate presents his achievements and partially reveals his personality traits, while not spreading his experiences or personal problems. The employer will deal with the employee only in a professional situation, so he should not be interested in his personal life.

You should also bear in mind that people on their Facebook profiles publish information that is sometimes untrue. Being part of a community, many people imitate commonly accepted behaviors. For example, the general trend is that people wait all week for Friday and weekend, and from Monday onwards they start complaining that they have to go to work. If Kowalski from the marketing department has published a similar status on his profile, it does not mean that he does not like to perform the assigned tasks. Perhaps he wanted to fulfill his need to belong to a specific community and collect a certain number of likes. Think about it before you evaluate the content posted by your employees.

Also remember that people come into different roles throughout their lives. When we are at work, we do not behave like at home. It is similar with social media - an employee's profile on Facebook is their private space through which they share what they would like to share with their friends. Viewing an account can be compared to watching an employee at home - what he does and how he spends his free time.

Friends from work and the employee's profile on Facebook

You should also not insist that employees join your group of friends on Facebook. You talk to each other in the office, and in emergency situations after working hours, you communicate by phone and e-mail. You shouldn't interact via social networks. Don't let your personal and professional life intertwine.

What to do when an employee invites us to friends? If you are able to filter the published information every time (set to whom particular content can be shown), you can accept the invitation. However, think about whether you would like a break from somewhat intrusive colleagues. Sometimes you too want to share a funny cat without thinking about what your subordinates will think. You also deserve some private space.

Employee's Facebook profile - you can't do that!

You cannot ask an employee to set up a Facebook account and then instruct them to share praise about your company. First, people are unlikely to praise the services provided by companies on their personal profiles. Immediately friends would guess that the updated status is not real. Secondly, entrepreneurs can maintain company profiles on which such information should be made available.

You should also not fire an employee because of the content he shares on his Facebook profile. If you want to quit an effective person because they wrote a negative comment about you, think about how she'll smear you online when she doesn't work for you anymore. Let your employee accounts live your life and focus solely on the company profile.