A trusted profile can come in handy

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Trusted profile is a free method aimed at confirming a citizen's identity in electronic administration systems. It is the equivalent of a secure electronic signature, verified with a qualified certificate. Since June 9, 2011, it has been used to conduct contact and deal with matters between citizens and entrepreneurs and offices.

Thanks to the ePUAP platform, matters such as starting a business or obtaining a permit can be dealt with without visiting offices and without postal correspondence. It can also be used to file an application, appeal and complaint to most public administration bodies.

In order to use electronic services, it is necessary to create the so-called trusted profile, i.e. an account used to confirm your identity. In order to obtain a trusted profile:

And the way - for all citizens:

  • log in to the epuap.gov.pl website (ePUAP account required),
  • fill in an application for a profile,
  • confirm and collect the profile from the confirmation point (the list of confirming offices can be found at epuap.gov.pl).

2nd way - for people who have an electronic signature:

  • log in to epuap.gov.pl (ePUAP account required),
  • fill out an application for creating a profile,
  • confirm your data with an electronic signature with a qualified certificate.

Trusted profile works on the basis of a handwritten signature and is an electronic equivalent. The citizen logs in to the website www.epuap.gov.pl, then selects the service to be provided, fills in the application and signs it with a trusted profile. The next step is sending the application to the office. Each service that is commissioned using a trusted profile is automatically confirmed. This confirmation has legal force and is equivalent to a paper confirmation or one issued at the post office when sending a registered letter.

There are several differences between the trusted profile and the signature contained in the ID card. The ability to confirm the identity of a citizen in electronic administration systems is the main purpose of the trusted profile, as well as the personal signature. It does not mean, however, that these tools are duplicated. No additional hardware or software is required to use the trusted profile. Using a trusted profile is possible from anywhere (with Internet access), around the clock. Each citizen, at any time and convenient for him, may apply for a trusted profile. On the other hand, ID cards are issued only to persons for whom the issuance of the ID or its replacement is legally justified, e.g. first issue or replacement due to a change in personal data.

Trusted profile saves time and increases productivity. It provides flexibility in access as well as the ability to use complex public services.