Diet program, which is an indispensable work tool for every dietitian

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Dietetics is one of the most developing fields of science in recent times. It is related to the growing awareness of the society about proper nutrition and the influence of diet on health. There are more and more dietary offices, and studies related to nutrition are often chosen by future students. Nutritionists use many tools in their work, from devices for measuring body weight to all kinds of programs and applications that facilitate the creation of nutritional plans. What dietary program to choose when starting work? This article will introduce some popular diet plan programs.

Diet program - what functions should it have?

One of the basic features that a diet plan application should have is simplicity. The program should be easy to use and intuitive, which will allow you to get used to work quickly and learn about the available functions. Another important factor to pay attention to is the product and food database. The possibility of modifying the entered data and adding your own dishes and products will certainly be a great help in your work. Various types of summaries and analysis of the composition of diets and meals are also useful.


It is a dietary calculator for analyzing and compiling menus, designed for nutritionists and nutritionists. The program includes a built-in database of over 2,300 products, including about 50 dishes with recipes. The product database contains information on the glycemic index and allergenic products. Additionally, the user has an unlimited possibility to extend it with his products and dishes. In addition to grammage, meals are also described in home measures. The program has the function of analyzing the diet both in terms of selected ingredients and general analysis. After the dietitian creates a diet plan, the calculator also takes into account the patient's physical activity. Thanks to the indicator panel, you can easily control parameters such as the glycemic index and load or carbohydrate exchangers. A big advantage is the possibility of printing the diet, as well as placing company data, such as the name of the office or logo on the printed menu. The program is systematically updated, and people who decide to buy can use technical support. The producer of Aliant provides the DEMO version of the software.

Diet 5 - diet program of the Food and Nutrition Institute

The creator of Diet 5 is the Food and Nutrition Institute. The program has been developed with everyone involved in nutrition in mind - from specialists to people who care for a healthy diet. Diet 5 calculates the nutritional value and composition of the eating plan. It is based on about 3,000 products based on the current nutritional standards. The user can enter an unlimited number of nutritional interviews for his patients. There is a possibility of copying diets, which improves and speeds up work, and exporting the file to Excel. There is also an option to print the menu. Diet 5 is available in two versions: Basic and Extended. The extended version includes the function of performing statistical calculations, and also allows you to calculate the consumption of selected groups of products and dishes.

Dietitian PRO

DietetykPRO is a dietary calculator that works on the principle of an internet platform. By purchasing a given package (you can choose a license for 6 or 12 months), the user gains access to the diet program. DietetykPRO allows you to create menus for a selected number of days. A dietitian has a base of about 9,000 products and dishes at his disposal. You can create your own product database, as well as edit the products proposed by the platform. Additionally, people using the program can share their dishes with other users. DietetykPRO includes many additional functions, such as a calendar of visits, as well as a ranking of dietitians using the program. Patient records can contain basic health information as well as details of food intake and physical activity. The advantage of the program is the ability to edit the arranged diets and save them as templates. The patient can set up an online account through which he will receive information from a dietitian. After arranging the menu, the printing option is available. DietetykPRO is visually pleasant and easy to use, in case of problems with the use, the creators provide training materials to facilitate work. A trial version of the program is available. The advantage is the low license price compared to other most frequently chosen diet calculators - the price of the annual license is PLN 249.

Kcalmar PRO

This is another dietary program in the form of an online platform. Kcalmar PRO, thanks to the form of a web application, allows easy contact with patients. You can use it from virtually any device: computer, tablet or phone - you just need to have the application installed. Easy contact with the patient allows you to achieve better results, but also easier sending of materials, such as recommendations, tips or a menu. Kcalmar PRO is based on about 1000 products and 800 dishes - these databases are constantly updated. The program offers built-in menu templates and an appointment calendar option. The ready menu can be printed. Three versions of the program are offered: student, master and premium packages. A trial version of Kcalmar PRO is available.

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Tiqdiet is also an online application that places great emphasis on easy contact with the patient via a web application. Like Kcalmar, it can be installed on a phone or other device. Tiqdiet offers 16 free diet templates and the use of a database of about 1,200 products and dishes. You can add your own products. A dietitian can contact the patient via a mobile application and share menus and materials. Before you decide to buy a license, you can use the trial version of the program.

Mapi Menu

Mapi is a special diet program used mainly in mass catering facilities, such as hospitals, sanatoriums, and kindergartens. It allows you to plan a menu for a huge number of people, taking into account many locations, which may be useful in the case of catering companies that provide services in several places at the same time. Thanks to the warehouse function, you can systematically control the inventory, plan purchases, enter inventory data and generate warehouse documents. During work, the function of editing already created menus or assigning them to other institutions / departments is available, which significantly speeds up the work time.Mapi allows you to create and print all the necessary lists:

  • for a dietitian or kitchen: menus, nutritional values ​​of diets, dishes to be spent in appropriate institutions / departments, a set of products needed to prepare dishes

  • for a warehouseman: lists of products to be released on the kitchen, inventory of the assortment allowing for reliable placing of orders, inventory documents

  • for accounting: documents showing food costs, warehouse turnover and financial statements.