Vendor programs in Polish economic turnover

Service Business

Vendor programs (also known as vendor programs or simply - vendor leasing) are quite an innovative service that allows financing the sale of fixed assets produced or distributed by a given supplier by leasing. They concern the most commonly known brands and are based on an agreement between one of them and the leasing company that finances the given products / services.

Such programs are dedicated to companies which are suppliers or producers of fixed assets and which would like to develop, improve their image on the market and create a comprehensive offer for their clients. What is this "complexity"? Such a package includes, in addition to the fixed asset itself, also its attractive financing in the form of leasing and, for example, a favorable insurance package (and in the case of cars, additionally its registration).

Vendor leasing benefits both the concern representing the brand and the leasing company. For both parties, this solution means extending the offer with a comprehensive service / product, often unavailable from competitors. This translates into increased sales, increased competitiveness of both partners and the possibility of each of them reaching new groups of lessees.

For the supplier / producer of fixed assets, this type of cooperation with a leasing company means obtaining marketing support, co-financing promotional activities, as well as full training in leasing as well as sales and service techniques. Thanks to the vendor program, it goes to the database of authorized suppliers of a given leasing company, which is handed over to customers. An additional advantage of the vendor program for the supplier is that the lessor cooperating with him checks the credibility of the buyers and is basically the sole payer of the supplier, and therefore the security of the transaction is high.

The benefits also extend to the lessee himself. Among the advantages of such a solution, which is felt by the end customer, the following can certainly be mentioned:

  • comprehensive service in one place indicated by the customer, including the conclusion of a leasing contract, insurance of the financed fixed asset, its registration (if required),
  • maximally simplified procedure, as well as limiting the required documents to a minimum,
  • shortened time related to the conclusion of the contract, which practically does not exceed a few hours,
  • competitive financial offer,
  • attractive insurance package,
  • tax benefits (traditionally associated with leasing of fixed assets).

In summary, vendor leasing is a service addressed to suppliers, as well as importers and manufacturers of vehicles and various types of machinery and equipment. Its essence is to enable financing, through leasing, of products offered directly by such a supplier / producer. This solution is associated with numerous benefits for both program partners and for the end customer, i.e. the lessee.