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Author: Małgorzata Majewska, expert of

It sounds paradoxical, but in a world dominated by extroverts, people who tend to be shy and withdrawn themselves can also become successful people. We present ways how to do this and how to use such predispositions as an asset.

Listen up

Many, too many people do not listen carefully enough to what other people say. So you will easily gain an advantage in this field. It's not just about the words - also observe the other person's body language, and when you speak up, refer to what he communicated. When the interlocutor becomes withdrawn or begins replying to text messages, say that you will be happy to arrive at another time when he is less busy - advises expert, Małgorzata Majewska. Good communication - not only verbal - is the basis for success in interpersonal relationships, including professional ones. Good, however, does not mean expansive, but substantive and brings quality and respect to business partners. Factual reference to utterances
and the interlocutor is a much better way to win business negotiations than an extroverted oratorical show.


It might seem that listening carefully to the exclusion of interrupting the other person's speech. But these are only appearances. Such behavior that you have something valuable to say and do not hesitate to take control of the conversation. So it also signals the strength of your personality - adds Małgorzata Majewska.

Second, by interrupting at the right moment - when your interlocutor takes too long to dwell on a topic or barely slips through a problem that requires thorough discussion - you will only reassure him or her that you are listening carefully to what they are saying. You will also show that you are focused on a constructive approach to the topic that should lead to a solution, not wasting time on both sides.

Don't get confused

Extroverts like to talk. And they can start a separate argument as soon as you make a short pause. In such a situation, we have two options: let them happen or be seen. Stay cheerful and have a good sense of humor. Smile and say, "Don't you think it's my turn now?" or "A very valuable remark. Let's get back to it as soon as I finish the thought." - advises Małgorzata Majewska.

Share your thoughts

The inner wealth of thoughts and ideas that no one appreciates is the main problem of the introvert. It is difficult to build an image of an expert if we do not share our thoughts with others. Lack of communication also means that we are not taken into account when key decisions are made regarding the development of the project, the division of duties or the deadline for implementation. Remember that as long as your thoughts stay in your head, the interlocutor will not recognize them. So share them.Maybe you will find it helpful to know that the main problem extroverts see in dealing with introverts is their silence. - advises Małgorzata Majewska.

Give external signals

One of the most desirable things about a conversation is feeling that the other person understands you. It should not be forgotten that the interlocutor will not be sure of this without external signals: nodding, nodding, etc., or expressing his opinion at the right moment.

show up

Being the loudest speaker or the best joke-storyteller is not and will never be the ideal role for introverts. So focus on those conversations that are strategically important and build your position in the community - advises Małgorzata Majewska.

Be the person who always has important information and contacts.

Make yourself known as an expert

Find a way to make your knowledge known to others. Look for institutions for which you could write an expert opinion or deliver a lecture.

Write an article for the trade press - it will do much more than starting your own website. Reason? An Internet search engine will find your name sooner on articles related to your specialty than on a page where you are simply listed as an expert on a given topic.

Recognize the needs of others

The first path to success is to do something for yourself in the hope that someone will like it. The second, much more effective one is recognizing the needs of the market and the industry and creating projects that respond to them. As an introvert, you may be tempted to go the first route. However, remember that the second, although more difficult, can lead you to success.