How can an entrepreneur implement a healthy lifestyle?

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Own business is a dream of many people - especially if the subject of activity is what the entrepreneur knows perfectly well and is his passion. It is then easy to lose the proportions and start devoting as much time and energy to the company as possible, often at the expense of your own health. It seems that since I work in an air-conditioned office, and I drive a new, safe car to my contractors and home, the health risk is minimized? Unfortunately, not entirely - entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of an unhealthy lifestyle that ends up being overweight or obese. And this ailment is just the beginning of the avalanche of diseases that may arise as a result of it. So how do you lead a healthy lifestyle?

You don't judge a book by its cover - but how do they see you ...

Are you a serious entrepreneur and you don't have time for all this "fit-nonsense"? Wrong. The fact that business flair is more important to a contractor than the trained abdominal muscles of a business partner does not mean that you can completely stop taking care of yourself. Of course, every man with at least some social manners knows that people should not be categorized on the basis of appearance. The human subconscious, however, does not care about such matters as a good upbringing, and creates the first impression often completely inconsistent with the logic or principles of savoir-vivre. For her, a healthy, athletic figure means that the person we deal with is organized, can find time to take care of himself, and above all - is not at risk of a sudden attack of the disease, from a heart attack to type 2 diabetes. On the other hand, an overweight or obese contractor is assessed as unable to find time, chaotic and unstable.

Of course, no one will think so consciously. Nobody will consciously comment on the condition of their business partner's body fat. But the first impression remains - and leaves a tangible aftertaste. Thus, a healthy figure can give us some advantages in business contacts from the very beginning. An investment in your own health will automatically be an investment in your own business.

"Noble health ...

no one will know what you taste like until you go bad ". It is worth remembering that although Kochanowski became famous as one of the greatest Polish poets, he was also an entrepreneur in his era. He inherited the Czarnolas estate, a mill, a smithy and fish ponds from his parents. So he had to look after the farm, even if he was assisted by a staff of administrators and helpers.

His famous quote remains valid today. Overweight or obesity alone usually does not cause health problems. However, it is not without reason that doctors are sounding the alarm, and specialists in a healthy lifestyle are more and more in demand. Excess body fat, unhealthy food and lack of exercise unfortunately cause many serious diseases, increasing the risk of a heart attack, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

A busy entrepreneur has slightly different priorities, however. Running your own business is not five to six days a week or working four hours a day. Your horse's eye makes a horse fat - that's why entrepreneurs are strongly involved in their activities and try to develop them vigorously. For this reason, there is not enough time for exercise and sports, and there is also less time for a balanced day plan with meals. There is nothing to even mention about cooking yourself.

It is easy to explain the lack of time - we get absolution right away, because the company works great, the family is provided for, maybe even they got involved in charity? However, it is worth remembering that such justification is completely unacceptable to our arteries, heart and other organs. If we do them uphill, they will break down, no matter what our account balance is.

Therefore, even the busiest entrepreneurs should find some time for themselves. This is a really serious investment.

How to invest in yourself? Discover a healthy lifestyle!

Blogs, magazines, and TV programs about a healthy lifestyle say that it is not difficult and requires no effort - except, of course, the physical effort used for exercise. In fact, just "being fit" may not be difficult - but changing habits is a serious challenge.

That is why it is so difficult to start exercising, eat vegetables, drink water, put away sweets ... Habits are second nature to us and if we are already used to the fact that during the day we eat one huge meal and every morning is coffee and cigarette - well, easy not will be. However, not easy does not mean impossible.

A busy entrepreneur doesn't have a lot of free time, and if he finds a moment, he certainly has many other life activities to catch up with than fitness and the gym. Here, however, it is worth paying attention to how this inactive free time is spent. A series or a book is a great idea and you don't have to give it up. However, it is worth putting a stationary bicycle or cross trainer in the room with the TV. The simplest exercise mat can also be useful, where blissful TV relaxation can be turned into active TV rest. The fact that time with family can also be spent actively does not require much writing. All you need is bikes, roller skates, badminton or a banal walk. Such activity has an additional plus, because it develops healthy sports habits in children, thus saving them from the effort that is made by the parent. They will no longer have to develop habits of exercise and sports.

What if strollers and a stationary bike are not enough to balance everyday sitting? Well, it may turn out that these first sports surges will lead the entrepreneur further - all the way to the gym or swimming pool pass. Certain studies support this. According to the first, after just two weeks of moderate physical activity, people begin to perceive their body as more attractive, even if there aren't actually any noticeable changes yet. Thus, when we feel the effects so quickly, it is a pity to give up. Secondly, the average person takes three weeks to develop a habit, during which he will perform a given activity every day. Thus, after just three weeks, sport enters the bloodstream and is addictive. The latter is due to the fact that the active body produces the famous endorphins, which improve the mood and make training more and more associated with pleasure.

Importantly, not only free time promotes movement - professional work in the company can also become healthier. For example, commuting - a bicycle can sometimes be a great alternative to a car. And not only because it burns extra calories - the bike is much cheaper than the most economical car, and at relatively short distances the travel time is much shorter (especially if you are forced to travel during rush hour). In some countries, in addition to bicycles, rollers are also often used - it is a good idea with a slightly better condition and a route that guarantees good bicycle routes (driving on the pavement is uncomfortable and, additionally, illegally, on the street - dangerous).

If the company operates in a large city, it does not have the strength - there is certainly a gym, swimming pool, fitness studio, climbing wall or tennis court somewhere in its vicinity. A matter of finding it and using it. A good motivator - both for the entrepreneur and his staff - can be an investment in sports tickets. It would be a bit of a shame if the boss was the least athletic person in the entire company, right?

Want to be slim - eat!

There is no other way out - in the case of diet, the solution also sounds trivial and reaches everyone who has at least some contact with the media. Not diets, not fasting, not one meal - only a balanced diet gives you a chance to be in good shape. How can I find time for it too?

It's best not to start at home, but at home. The advantage of home-made food over fast-food is unquestionable, but it has one drawback, which is work and time-consuming. Therefore, you do not need to change your home diet diametrically, but make small modifications - baking and steaming, less caloric substitutes, more vegetables and fruits, more water and juices. Less coffee, sugar, salt, frying. What you have prepared at home, you can easily take with you to work and only reheat. Some may be put off by "slimming" menus, in which one day you have to make chicken breast for lunch, lean beef for lunch and fish fillet for dinner. In practice, a balanced diet is not eating three types of meat in one day - dinner can be prepared in "wholesale" amounts, even for several days in a row. It is important that all the necessary nutrients are included in it.

Lack of time for the classic five meals every three hours is also solvable. If the day is crazy and there is really no time to sit down to dinner, it's worth having something on hand that you can eat on the run, but which is not a mixture of sugar and glucose-fructose syrup. These can be sandwiches, sliced ​​vegetables and fruits, crisp bread, kefirs and drinking yoghurts, etc. The fashion for being fit fortunately covers more than just the covers of colorful magazines - in most stores you can easily find healthy snacks and meals, and there are also many eateries offering healthy (and tasty food).

Being a fit entrepreneur is a really serious investment in yourself. This is important to remember because even the most perfect company cannot function well without a leader. That is why it is worthwhile to balance the time and resources that we spend on developing our business with those that we invest in ourselves and our own health.