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The series has long since left the era in which they were treated as tapeworms filling the afternoon schedule. Every year, a lot of new productions are made, extremely original and captivating viewers. We can find dramas, sitcoms, historical, fantasy and sci-fi series among them. A tiny part is also occupied by music series. We present a few of them.

Singing teenagers

One of the most famous music series is the award-winning "Glee". The production tells about a school choir struggling with reluctance from teachers and other students. Apart from the interesting plot, which takes place on the verge of kitsch and absurdity, the greatest asset of "Glee" is its soundtrack. In each episode, members of the choir present several songs (from classics to current hits) in original arrangements. The actors who play members of the school choir can boast of really amazing voices.

Glee has also gained recognition in LGBT circles for its coverage of discrimination against sexual minorities. However, this is not the only issue raised by the creators of the series. The first composition of the school choir consists of representatives of practically all ethnic and social groups. Thrown into one bag, they turn out to be very similar, having the same problems.

Famous musicians appeared in the series many times, performing the title songs with the choir. These included Cheryl Cole, Britney Spears, Eve, Demi Lovato and Ricky Martin.

With Foo Fighters on the map

"Sonic Highways" is a very innovative project. Dave Grohl decided to document the recording of the latest Foo Fighters album, which was also a very original process. Namely, each song was recorded in a different studio, in a different US city. In this way, Dave Grohl wanted to pay tribute to all the most influential cities in terms of music: Chicago, Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, Washington and New York. In each episode, the singer talks with the representatives of the local music scene. They remember how music has evolved over the years, what their first concerts looked like, and who inspired them.

This music series is a real treat for music fans. We get everything in it - a decent soundtrack, statements by the greatest musical authorities and a lot of interesting facts from the lives of the greatest musicians. At the end of each episode, Foo Fighters plays another song inspired by the city they are currently in. All songs from the series will be on the band's latest album - "Sonic Highways".

Funny Flight Of The Conchords

Two musicians from New Zealand came to the USA to make a career. What could go wrong? It turns out that practically everything. Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement are extremely sweet gentlemen, but as detached from reality as possible. Their music career doesn't necessarily follow the path they dreamed of. They have one (literally) fan and manager, a nerd. They barely manage to win concerts at the library or at a collection for dogs with epilepsy. In each episode, we get to know their thoughts in two or three original songs. All the songs are extremely brilliant and very funny, and hits such as "Business Time" or "Robots" are known to people who have not even seen this music series.

Flight Of The Conchords gained such popularity that the musicians went on a tour, where they performed songs from the series. Unfortunately, "Flight Of The Conchords" ended after two seasons, but from time to time you hear rumors about HBO's talks with musicians and negotiations over the third season.

The real atmosphere of New Orleans

"Treme" is a cult series according to critics. Despite the widespread respect, he did not break into the mainstream, which only pleases the fans of the series. "Treme" is the name of one of the boroughs of New Orleans. We get to know its inhabitants after the events of Hurricane Katrina. The viewer slowly gets to know all the characters and watches them try to collect their lives anew, including the culture and music, which is so important in New Orleans. The creators of this music series are David Simon and Eric Overmyer, gentlemen who are the authors of such a hit as "The Wire".


You can notice the similarities between the series - mainly raw frames and focusing on individual characters in such a way that the viewer can get to know them. At the same time, the series presents an attempt to rebuild a life together among fallen moral values. However, it is for the music of "Treme" that was featured in this article. A must for music lovers! Here we will hear the best pieces of cajun, New Orleans funk, hip hop and rythm and blues. And all in a natural environment, in a place where people really feel and understand this music. Several episodes (including the first and last) were directed by Agnieszka Holland.


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