Electronic waste transfer - obligatory from January 1, 2021


Due to the prevailing COVID-19 epidemic, in addition to the traditional paper form in force until December 31, 2020, it has become possible to transfer waste electronically. From the new year, waste recording will be performed only electronically using the BDO system. Check what it will look like and if any exceptions are allowed.

Electronic waste transfer - steps to be followed

  1. In order to transfer waste, log on to the BDO system and create a waste transfer card and complete all the required data for a given type of waste. The most important elements of this card are:

  • code;
  • type;
  • mass of waste;
  • details of the company that will collect the waste.
  1. The next step is the acceptance of the waste transfer card in the BDO system by the employee of the company who will transport it. It is possible to download confirmation of this action and print it. The driver must have them during the transport of waste, but its paper version is not obligatory - electronic access to confirmation in the BDO is enough.

  1. After reaching the place of waste transfer, the recipient must log in to the BDO system and approve the compliance of the information contained in the waste transfer card with the actual state. If the data does not match, he has the option to reject them. At this stage of the transfer of waste electronically, it is allowed to modify only the code of the waste and its weight - in accordance with the instructions of the recipient.

  1. When all the data is correct, the recipient approves the goods transfer card in the BDO system, and the driver marks the end of the order and proper recording of waste takes place.

Information on how to correctly create and supplement waste transfer cards electronically in the BDO system is available at: https://bdo.mos.gov.pl.

Electronic transfer of waste - when it is possible to use the paper version

Paper documentation is allowed only when there is a failure of the ICT system in which the BDO Base is located and it is impossible to transfer waste electronically. However, within 30 days of its termination, the data must be transferred to the system.

Electronic waste transfer - what can be penalties and how much are they?

Keeping records of waste is obligatory, so failure to use it or doing it untimely or contrary to the facts is punishable by a fine or arrest. This also applies to running a business that does not have the necessary entry into the BDO Register. The situation when fines and detention may be imposed are described in more detail in the Waste Act. The amount of the fine may vary from PLN 100 to PLN 1 million.

In addition to the above-mentioned penalties, it is also possible to impose an administrative penalty in the form of money by the Provincial Environmental Protection Inspector. It can be from 5,000 to even 1 million zlotys. Actions that may be punishable by such a penalty are as follows:

  • transport of waste without generated confirmation from BDO;

  • running a business without the necessary entry into the BDO Register;

  • classifying hazardous waste as less hazardous, e.g. by diluting it or mixing different waste together in order to reduce the concentration of a hazardous substance.

To sum up, as of January 1, 2021, the electronic transfer of waste has become mandatory and there may be penalties for non-compliance with this provision. However, in the event of a failure of the BDO system beyond our control, it is possible to temporarily have paper documentation. It should only be remembered that once it has disappeared, all information must be entered into the register immediately.