Shifting the Polish Order! Appeal of the Commissioner!


The Ombudsman calls for the Polish Deal to be shifted to next year! Prof. Marcin Wiącek presented to the Marshal of the Senate comments to the act of October 1, 2021 amending the act on personal income tax, the act on corporate income tax and some other acts known as the "Polish Order".

Shift of the Polish Order

"As the Ombudsman, I am calling for a thorough reform of the tax law and an extension of the period of work on changes under the" Polish Deal "- so that they enter into force on January 1, 2023 at the earliest, and not in less than 3 months”.

The Commissioner for Human Rights presented many arguments explaining why the Polish Deal should be shifted to the next year. These include:

  • the legislative process is proceeding at an inappropriate, fast pace;

  • consultations take place at an express pace or they are not available at all;

  • the concepts of what the "Polish Deal" is to implement are constantly changing;

  • new and surprising corrections significantly modifying the previous assumptions are added many times;

  • too short vacatio legis.

As the Commissioner for Human Rights wrote: "Therefore, I appeal that the legislative work on the adoption of the "Polish Deal" should be conducted in a proper manner, allowing for a complete and reliable analysis of all submitted comments, and to provide taxpayers with sufficient time to read and prepare for the implementation of the new regulation.”.

The Commissioner for Human Rights adds that the Polish Deal is a fundamental and revolutionary change that will have a significant impact on the lives of all Poles. The amendment is extensive and multi-threaded, and is expected to bring thousands of changes.