Receiving insurance documents - the new ZUS website


Offices more and more often give their taxpayers the opportunity to submit documentation and settle liabilities electronically. Also, the Social Insurance Institution, following the spirit of the times, made its websites available. Currently, taxpayers who use the option of submitting documents by electronic means are waiting for some changes.

So far, four Electronic Document Exchange services have been made available to users - EWD Gdański, EWD Warszawa, EWD Wrocław and EWD Other. In connection with the introduction of the new technical and system infrastructure, on December 28, 2012, a new website was launched, available at At that time, taxpayers could use both the new system and its predecessors.

On January 21, 2013, a second website was launched, available at At the same time, it was announced that as of February 19 this year, the transmission of documents from the previous four services has been disabled. Taxpayers can only use them to download document confirmations sent earlier by March 20, 2013, when these systems will be fully retired.

At the same time, users were informed that the new services - Warsaw and Wrocław - are of equal value and it does not matter which one is used. For the purposes of speeding up and streamlining operations only, it is worth choosing a system that is closer to the taxpayer in terms of his place of residence.

ZUS also provided its users with a detailed manual for configuring the Płatnik system, which should be carried out in order to gain access to new services. The modification method can be found in the brochure at certatu_PE_2.pdf.