Delicious meals for work - learn about 6 recipes

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Probably none of us can imagine a working day without eating at least one meal. Apart from the fact that the saying: hungry person is bad person, it is usually true, it is difficult for us to concentrate on tasks, be creative and diligent when our stomachs are rumbling. A problem may arise here, because the daily meals prepared for work mean that there are less and less ideas and often end up with a regular sandwich.

Meals for work don't have to be boring

Remember that meals to work do not have to be boring and monotonous. There are tons of great, quick recipes, thanks to which we can prepare something different, interesting and, above all, delicious every day. There are a lot of options and it is definitely not worth limiting yourself to sandwiches or reheated dinner. What to eat at work? We advise!

Strawberry salad

Unusual combinations of flavors can be very tasty. A simple strawberry salad seems to be the perfect meal idea for work. It is not a fruit salad, however, because the other ingredients in this case are ... fresh spinach and cheese. In the case of the latter, there is freedom, it all depends on our favorite flavors, which is why both goat cheese and feta, mozzarella or blue cheese will be perfect. Preparation is not complicated. Just put chopped strawberries on the leaves of fresh spinach and put or crumble the cheese on top. A tasty sauce that will combine the salad will be a combination of balsamic or wine vinegar with olive oil. Season everything with salt and pepper, we can also add pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or any nuts.


A smoothie is a great second breakfast, it can also be used as a dessert. It all depends on the ingredients, and there is complete freedom here. In fact, a banana will be suitable for each option, which will make the drink more creamy and filling. Just choose your favorite fruit or vegetables, put them in a blender, add fruit juice or water and blend until smooth. If we want something refreshing and cold, ice will also be a good addition. The smoothie, apart from being filling, also "smuggles" a lot of vitamins. It's really worth a try.


Wraps are a great alternative to regular sandwiches and are perfect as meals for work. The method of preparation is very simple and the additions are optional. The whole preparation is to lay out everything you like on the tortilla cake, wrap it, leave it in the fridge for a while, so that everything fits properly, cut it as you like and put it in the lunchbox. A tasty combination is, for example, spreading the cake with cottage cheese, placing slices of salmon on it, adding chives, tomatoes (fresh or, for example, dried) or radishes. You can replace salmon with ham or cheese, or just use vegetables in any combination.

Couscous with additions

A very quick, healthy and nutritious meal to work with is couscous with toppings. It is enough to pour hot, boiled water over the groats, set aside so that it can absorb and swell it, and during this time prepare vegetables (you can steam them, fry them in a pan, etc.), or also meat (chicken fillet in spices will be perfect). Mix the ingredients together and it's ready! Simple but very tasty!

tuna salad

Another recipe in which we can use couscous is a simple tuna salad. Add tuna (e.g. in its own sauce), finely chopped red pepper and corn to the previously prepared grits. Season with salt and pepper. If the salad is too dry for us, you can add mayonnaise with natural yoghurt. Then it will be more caloric, but just as delicious.

Pasta with red pesto

Another quick, filling and tasty meal to work with is red pesto pasta. We can buy the finished product in a jar or prepare the pesto ourselves.For this we need dried tomatoes, nuts (almonds, pine nuts or hazelnuts will be suitable here, if desired) or sunflower seeds, Parmesan cheese, garlic, fresh basil leaves, olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast the nuts or seeds in a pan and cool them down, while the rest of the ingredients are put in a blender and add olive oil and spices. Blend until smooth. The next steps are just adding the pesto to the pasta and mixing it.