Refund of the costs of creating a job

Service Business

Among the number of subsidies from poviat labor offices that entrepreneurs can apply for, it is also worth paying attention to subsidies for hiring new employees. They include, among others, the reimbursement of costs incurred to create or supplement a workplace for the referred unemployed person. All entrepreneurs and agricultural producers can apply for this type of refunds.

Conditions for receiving a refund

An entrepreneur applying for a refund must meet a number of conditions for their application to be considered. First of all, this entrepreneur:

  • must run a business for a period of at least 6 months prior to submitting the application,
  • cannot be in arrears with the payment of wages, insurance premiums and other public levies,
  • within 6 months, he did not reduce the working time of the employee and did not terminate the employment relationship with the employee for reasons not related to the employee,
  • he was not convicted for offenses against economic turnover in the period of 2 years preceding the submission of the application,
  • must submit a complete and correctly drafted application.

After meeting the above conditions and submitting the application for co-financing to the Poviat Labor Office - the application is considered within 30 days. During this time, the entrepreneur receives information about the result of the application. In the event of a positive decision, the applicant concludes a reimbursement agreement with the employment office. Importantly, it does not mean receiving funds yet. Only the proper fulfillment of the contractual obligations will result in the payment of the refund.


The application for reimbursement of the costs of equipping or retrofitting the workplace should be submitted before employing an unemployed person. Only after positive consideration of the application by the office, signing an agreement with the employment office specifying the terms of the refund and making all purchases, it is possible to hire the referred person.

Obligations related to the conclusion of a reimbursement agreement

In order to receive a refund, i.e. a de facto reimbursement of expenses incurred for the creation or additional equipment of a job, a positively considered application and a contract concluded with PUP are not enough. First of all, the entrepreneur should first fulfill the conditions contained in the contract. This means that for this purpose, it must first use its own resources to equip the workplace in accordance with the specifications presented in the application. In addition, it is required to:

  • within the deadline specified in the contract, submit documents confirming the costs incurred in connection with the creation of the job,
  • employ the referred unemployed person under a full-time employment contract for a minimum period of 24 months,

Only after the above conditions are met, the refund will be paid on the basis of the presented settlement - invoices, bills etc. The grant amount may not exceed 6 times the average salary.

We will receive a refund for equipment or retrofitting a workstation after:

  • submitting the settlement and documenting the costs incurred in the period from the date of conclusion of the contract to the date of employment of the referred unemployed person or guardian,
  • employing an unemployed person or a guardian in this position and meeting other conditions specified in the contract concluded with the office

The employer must additionally:

  • maintain the created job for 24 months,
  • return the equivalent of the recovered tax on goods and services as part of purchases made with funds from the refund,
  • after 12 months, and then 24 months from the first employment, submit documents confirming employment in the reimbursed position.

The entrepreneur must take into account that failure to meet the remaining provisions of the contract, or the detection of false statements in the submitted application, may involve the need to return all or part of the refund received. This will happen in the case of, for example, not maintaining employment and a job position for a specified period. Then the office will request the reimbursement of the co-financing within 30 days from the date of delivery of the decision.

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Allocation of funds from reimbursement

The refund is intended for equipping or retrofitting a workplace for an unemployed person, in particular for:

  • purchase of fixed assets,
  • purchase of equipment and machines to equip the workplace,
  • measures necessary to ensure compliance of the workplace with health and safety regulations and ergonomic requirements.

However, it is not possible to allocate the funds received for the creation of a job for expenses related to the renovation of premises for the created jobs, as well as salaries and other benefits.