VAT sales and purchase register - how to keep?


Entrepreneurs who are active VAT taxpayers are required to keep registers in order to settle VAT. However, not every transaction related to the purchase of materials, goods or services, documented by an invoice, must be included in the records. See when you need to keep a VAT sales and purchase register.

VAT sales and purchase register

Active VAT payers must keep two types of statements for this tax: VAT sales and purchase register. This obligation does not apply only to VAT-exempt taxpayers and entrepreneurs who only perform work exempt from tax on goods and services. In all other cases, the trader must keep a VAT register that should include at least:

  • amounts for which the right to reduce the tax due and amounts that do not give the right to reduce,

  • data that allow to determine the subject and base of taxation,

  • the amount of tax due,

  • the amounts of input tax that reduce the amount of tax due and the amount of tax that must be paid to the tax office or returned by the office,

  • other data to identify individual transactions, including the number by means of which the counterparty is identified for the purposes of tax or value added tax.

Why do I need a VAT register?

The VAT register is kept in order to be able to settle the tax on goods and services, and thus - to correctly prepare the VAT-7 / VAT-7K declaration. Therefore, active VAT taxpayers who want to deduct input VAT, and conduct taxable sales, must keep a register with all purchase invoices entitling them to tax deduction.

What expenses do not need to be registered in the VAT register?

In accordance with the law, there is no obligation in the VAT register to report purchases related to:

  • with activities exclusively exempt from tax on goods and services,

  • with activities for which there is no right to deduct input tax,

  • with non-taxable activities.

If the entrepreneur makes purchases that do not entitle to VAT deduction or his purchases are not subject to VAT, he does not have to include them in the VAT register, even if he is obliged to keep it. This is because the expenses incurred for these purchases do not have any impact on the settlement and the amount of VAT. It will also not be a mistake to enter them in separate sections of the VAT register as not entitling to tax deduction.

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Register of VAT sales and purchases in the system

The VAT sales register and the VAT purchase register are available in the program. Thanks to it, entries can be made directly to the VAT register.

In order to make an entry in the sales VAT register, go to the tab: RECORDS »VAT REGISTERS» SALES REGISTER »ADD ENTRY and enter the required data in the window that will appear.

If the taxpayer wants to make entries in the VAT register of purchases, go to the tab: RECORDS »VAT REGISTERS» PURCHASE REGISTER »ADD AN ENTRY by entering the necessary information.