Google Shopping advertising - what is it?

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Visibility and high position of the online store in search results is one of the ways to increase sales. Another form of promoting products in e-commerce is a Google Shopping advertisement, thanks to which you can display to the user a specific product from your store that matches his searches from the level of the search engine. Check what exactly this form of promotion is all about.

What is a Google Shopping ad?

Google Shopping is a service similar to AdWords advertising. In practice, this means that after entering the name of a specific product searched by the user in the search engine, the user receives boxes in the search results in the form of a product list with a photo and a price. Then, after clicking on a given box, he is redirected to the website of the store where the selected product is located.

Google Shopping - what benefits does it offer?

We are definitely more responsive to images than to plain text. Therefore, Google Shopping advertising is an ideal solution for online stores. We often buy "with our eyes", so advertising products along with their photos directly on Google in the e-commerce industry can have a significant impact on higher sales. Earlier, e-stores could show their products thanks to AdWords advertising, although in the case of Google purchases they gain something more - they can present their product compared to the competition's offer.

Consumers most often look at the price in the case of Google purchases and decide which box to click on. This is a beneficial solution for store owners who have a competitive pricing strategy and stand out from the competition with the low prices of the same products.

Running a Google Shopping campaign - how to start?

  1. Strategy

First, you need to develop a strategy for Google Shopping. You need to plan a budget or options to monitor performance. This form of promotion also allows you to determine whether to target the campaign to the locations you want and set rates for clicks on a given ad.

  1. Good and timely feed

So a database file. It must be well-designed, with complete and up-to-date information on the product. You should also ensure effective promotional content and high-quality product photos. In addition to the photo, the customer will also see the product name, price and name of your company in the Google search results, so it is important to ensure that this data is correct and up-to-date.

  1. Database update

In this case, this task is taken over by Google itself. What does it mean? Connecting an AdWords account with Merchant Center will make the system automatically update prices, names and photos of products, so the store owner does not have to worry about keeping up-to-date with product information.

  1. Database segmentation

It is also important to divide products into categories that bring more profits in the store. At this point, it is also worth excluding keywords for which we do not want our products to be displayed.

Google Shopping advertising allows you to reach a larger group of customers

There is no doubt that Google Shopping advertising is another tool that can support any online store in promoting it on the Internet. Today, more and more consumers search the web for product data using image search. If the customer finds your product in the Graphics tab in the Google search engine, which in the first place looks attractive, he will go directly to the store's website. Google shopping is an additional place to promote products that allows you to expand the group of customers of each e-store.