Online store advertising - what should it look like?

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Setting up your own online store is like starting a vegetable store in the middle of the desert. Only after some time it is possible to move to a much better place and achieve better results. How do you get there? what should an online store advertisement look like?

Advertising of the online store is a key element

Active online store advertising is a fundamental element without which it is impossible to be successful in the e-commerce industry. Even if you have a well-organized online store, there is no sale without users visiting it. However, the market offers many tools with which you can attract customers to your store - these include Allegro, SEM activities, as well as loyalty or partner programs. However, not every software is an ideal solution for our online store. So what to decide on?

Building the brand of an online store

In an extensive network of online stores, it is very important to properly build the brand of our store. It is extremely difficult to compete with large online stores that already have it, developed over the years of presence on the market. In this case, if we have the same products, the same quality and at the same or similar price, it is obvious that the customer is more comfortable choosing a well-known brand.

It is believed that building the brand of an online store is much more difficult than building the brand of a given product. The most common problem of online stores is the same assortment as in the case of large stores. It is much easier for online stores with a completely unique product that is difficult to compare with anything else.

So how do you find yourself in building a brand? You can stand out in several ways. One of them is the so-called blue ocean. It consists in looking for niches in which you do not find online sellers, and if they are already there, they are very weak. There are also no big brands. A good way to build an image is to advertise an online store, but the first step should be to specialize in a given field. Large stores are not able to focus on every product in their offer. When starting on the market, it is worth choosing one of them and specializing in it.

A very important element of advertising an online store and image building is remembering about previously acquired customers. Caring for them can be expressed through specially prepared offers. It can be a free delivery with your next order or a discount coupon - it all depends on your creativity. Caring for your customers results in keeping them with you. Thanks to this, we achieve almost 100% certainty that the customer will return to our store, make a purchase and use the gift we have prepared for him.

Groupon is also an effective tool for advertising an online store. This website is ideal for promoting not only stationary stores and other services, but also online stores. The Groupon portal is able to reach a large number of consumers in a short time, with a relatively small financial outlay. Each store, regardless of the offered assortment, can start its promotion there - a necessary condition, in line with the website's policy, is a minimum discount of 50%. Promotion here depends on us - it can cover the entire assortment of the store, but also a part of it or a product of our choice. By placing offers on the Groupon website, we achieve a wide promotion of the products and services offered.Thanks to the website, it is possible to reach a large number of potential consumers - at the peak of popularity (December 2011), there were almost 3.5 million of them. Currently, Groupon's heyday in Poland is behind us, but it still has a wide range of users who can be easily reached by placing your offer there. Thanks to the website, both small local stores, which do not have funds for advertising, and large ones, which use the website as an additional advertising tool, can advertise themselves.

Advertising of the online store in social media

The very dynamic development of social networks supports the advertising of online stores. A perfect example is Facebook, which has become one of the largest marketing portals. It is a very important tool, as many companies have already found out. Thanks to Facebook, it is possible to create a fan page of our store, which gives the opportunity to build lasting relationships with customers. When running it, you should strictly follow a few rules, thanks to which the entries appearing on the board will be closely related to the nature of the store. It is difficult to take seriously a fanpage where information is false or mocking certain phenomena or events.

Advertising the online store via a fan page also means contact with customers dissatisfied with our products, who will thus be able to "pour out their regrets" on our website. Many companies are unaware of what opinions are circulating about them on the web. It is important not to ignore negative comments as they can draw a wave of others like them. Effective online store advertising also means quick and efficient replies to the fanpage for all customers - both the satisfied and the dissatisfied. Responding quickly and not removing negative entries increases customer confidence.

Advertising the online store through the Facebook profile also gives the opportunity to organize contests - however, do not do them with the agreed repetition, because then we will not find out whether they are attended by our store's supporters or people who simply like to win prizes.
When organizing contests, however, one should take into account the regulations and rules contained therein - if we do not comply with them, we may take into account that our account will be blocked by administrators.

Nowadays, it is not enough to advertise with advertising banners anymore. Effective online store advertising is also an opportunity to appear in social media. The Internet allows you to quickly reach the consumer, while potential customers can check new products and receive information about a given product in a very short time. Of course, it is worth remembering about other forms of communication with the recipient and reaching a potential customer with the store's offer, such as positioning the store's website or content marketing. However, these terms are so extensive that they need to be described in separate articles. To a large extent, this subject has already been mentioned many times in the texts on the AlterWEB portal.

Nowadays, online store advertising is also very important due to the needs of the modern consumer. It is no longer enough to start a store and wait for customers. Today, the consumer has a huge choice and is not condemned to one product, as it was several years ago. Thanks to the large access to a range of offers and products, it is possible to choose the best one. That is why it is so important for the online store advertising to be effective. Customers are acquired mainly through active activities. Effective advertising must not be omitted when running a virtual store.