Remarketing - how to make the customer return?

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Remarketing is an activity aimed at reaching the person who previously visited a given website. The daily work of a marketer includes a situation in which an internet user decided to buy a selected product, added it to the payment basket and resigned from the transaction. In such a situation, how to reach the potential customer again and convince him to buy? For those interested, Google offers its tool - it proposes to use the remarketing option.

Remarketing is one of the functionalities of the Google AdWords system, which requires an account in the Google Analytics system to run. Remarketing lists are designed to enable the adjustment of advertisements displayed in the search engine to specific groups of recipients and thus remind them about the company and motivate them to make a purchase.

How does remarketing work?

Before starting any work, it is necessary to create an account in Google Analytics and Google AdWords. Then, paste the appropriate code on your own website and, if necessary, also on subpages.

Each user who visits a given website leaves a trace in the form of cookies that are automatically saved on his computer. And thanks to this, and with the help of appropriate tools, it is possible to reach these specific users and display information to them on the Google advertising network in the form of text, graphic or visual messages. It is worth knowing that it does not matter how the user originally reached the examined page, because remarketing lists are created automatically for all users visiting the website. In addition, remarketing ads do not have to be specifically targeted to all users on the list. It is possible to separate e.g. only those Internet users who visited a specific section of the website. The Google Analytics tool is helpful here, thanks to which you can plan, target and modify ads based on available measures, such as the user's stay on the website, the source of his traffic, the number of pages visited by him or the keywords he chose to be on the website. side

Remarketing - strategies

One of the most common strategies is to show ads to users who have visited a specific page but haven't completed the purchase. To be sure that the ad will reach this group, it is worth inserting one remarketing code on the subpage of the shopping cart (defining the group of users who added the selected product to the cart). The next one should be placed on the purchase confirmation subpage. This way you can create a group of users who have made a purchase. After performing the above-mentioned steps, you should select the appropriate options in the AdWords system and target the ad only to those users who entered the shopping cart subpage and did not make the final purchase.

There are also other strategies where remarketing is used successfully. For example, users who have decided to purchase the selected product can display advertisements with related goods (cross selling). Another option is to inform customers about new products, promotions or sales.

Remarketing - why should you use it?

Using remarketing can bring a number of benefits, especially in the form of sold goods, initially undecided customers. In this way, marketers manage, firstly, to reach potential customers and, secondly, to offer them new goods and services. The operation of the tools is simple and intuitive, so it should not cause additional problems for the user.

Dangers of remarketing

First of all, it is worth bearing in mind that there are no tools that can clearly examine the effectiveness of the activities carried out. This is due to the fact that customers can also reach the offer via other paths, then generate traffic on the website and make purchases. Thus, comparing the status before and after using remarketing may turn out to be insufficient and ineffective. In addition, before starting any activities, it is worth considering what budget can be allocated to remarketing activities and in what cases it is worth exceeding it.

Remarketing opens up new possibilities for creating effective advertising campaigns in the Google search engine and affiliate program. As a result, it allows you to reach new customers with your offer. Remarketing is a tool that can be successfully used in any industry. This is because it is not perceived as intrusive advertising but as a subtle hint that is expected by the user.