Training pension - what is it and to whom is it due?


The training pension is a temporary cash benefit which is granted only to persons who meet the relevant conditions. Downloading it is closely related to professional retraining. Who can get a disability pension and how long is it granted for? We explain in the article.

Types of disability pensions

The disability pension may be permanent or periodic. In the event of loss of ability to work, the insured may count on:

  • permanent disability pension - if there is no prospect of regaining the ability to work;
  • periodic pension - if there is a prognosis that the insured person will regain the ability to work;
  • training pension - if the insured meets the conditions for a disability pension, but it has been ruled that professional retraining due to incapacity to work in the current profession has been ruled.

Who can take advantage of the training pension?

The training pension is granted in the case when there is a need to retrain a given person due to his or her incapacity to work in the current profession. However, in order for it to be granted, the following criteria must be met:

  • the person is incapable of work;
  • has the required contributory and non-contributory periods, i.e .:
    • 1 year - if the incapacity for work occurred before the age of 20;

    • 2 years - if incapacity for work occurred at the age of over 20 to 22;

    • 3 years - if incapacity for work occurred at the age of over 22 to 25;

    • 4 years - if incapacity for work occurred at the age of over 25 to 30;

    • 5 years - if the incapacity for work occurred over the age of 30.

Importantly, if the insured has not achieved the contributory and non-contributory period referred to above, the condition of having the required seniority is deemed to be met if the insured was registered for insurance before the age of 18 or within 6 months after completing secondary or post-secondary school education or has had contributory and non-contributory periods at a university and until the date of incapacity for work, without interruption or with breaks not exceeding 6 months.

Purpose of the training pension

The training pension gives the opportunity to acquire professional qualifications in a new profession, when the possibility of performing it has been lost in the current profession. It is therefore a time to acquire new skills and qualifications that will allow the future employee to change industries. It is the certifying physician who decides whether the training pension is justified and decides on the advisability of professional retraining. When making a decision, the doctor takes into account not only the health of the insured, but also their physical and mental abilities. An important element is the attitude to changing the employee, and above all his willingness to learn and motivation. While receiving the training pension, the insured person is referred by ZUS to the poviat labor office. The employment office finds appropriate training and courses for such a person, so that he or she is properly prepared to perform a new profession.

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Training pension time

The period for which the training pension is granted is, as a rule, six months. However, these are not rigid deadlines and both the pension itself and the training course may be extended. The training pension is granted for a period of 6 months, which is extended for the period necessary for professional retraining, but not longer than by 30 months.

Importantly, the period of 6 months may be shortened if, before the expiry of this time, the starost notifies the pension authority that there is no possibility of retraining or that the person concerned does not undergo retraining. The training pension is not payable in the event of earning income, regardless of its amount

You cannot work or take up any other gainful activity while receiving the training pension. Taking up work is synonymous with the fact that the person regained the ability to work, and thus - the benefit is not due.

Training pension - documents

In order to obtain a training pension, you must meet the relevant criteria, but also comply with all formalities. In order to receive the benefit, the following documents are required:

  • application for a disability pension;
  • information on contributory and non-contributory periods;
  • documents confirming the periods of, among others: work / non-agricultural activity / military service / receiving unemployment benefit / childcare leave / university education;
  • confirming the earned salary;
  • OL-9 health certificate issued no earlier than one month before submitting the application, and possibly medical documentation;
  • job interview, if the insured person is employed;
  • an accident card on the way to or from work, if the insured person applies for a disability pension due to an accident on the way to or from work;
  • a protocol establishing the circumstances and causes of an accident at work prepared by the employer or an accident card;
  • decision on the recognition of an occupational disease issued by the state sanitary inspector.

Applications and documents can be submitted in person or by e-mail and postal service. Applications are considered by the pension authority competent for the place of residence of the person concerned. After analyzing the application and the attached documentation, if the pension authority has no doubts, the decision is issued within 30 days. In the event that the explanation is pending, the 30-day period shall apply from the clarification of the last circumstance necessary to issue the decision. The decision can be appealed, and the appeal procedure itself is free of charge.

How much is the training pension?

The training pension covers 75% of the calculation basis for the pension. However, it cannot be lower than the lowest disability pension. From March 2021, this amount is PLN 938.16. If the incapacity for work resulted from an accident at work or an occupational disease, the training pension is then paid from the accident fund and amounts to 100% of the calculation basis for the pension.

Training pension - summary

A training pension is a benefit due to a person who has lost the ability to work in the current profession, but there is a prospect of retraining and acquiring new skills enabling work in another profession. A training pension is a periodic benefit that must be applied for. At the time of its collection, it is not possible to perform work, because then the benefit will be withdrawn.