Resignation from PPK - how to complete the declaration?


Employee Capital Plans is a program that allows you to save additional funds for retirement, financed by both employers, employees and the state. From January 1, 2021, the PPK covers all employers. This means that every employer, even the one employing only one employee, must conclude an agreement with a selected financial institution in order to implement PPK in his enterprise. Is it possible to resign from PPK?

Resignation from PPK

Own payments, additional payments, welcome payments and annual payments will be collected on the account kept in the PPK. They will come partly from the employee's own remuneration (in the case of basic own contributions, it is 2% of the remuneration for work collected automatically from the salary of a PPK participant), and partly they will be transferred by the employer (in the case of basic own contributions, it is an amount corresponding to 1.5% of the remuneration. for the work of a PPK participant provided by the employer). The account of the PPK participant will also be co-financed by the state through the Labor Fund (welcome payments and annual payments).

The Act on Employee Capital Plans provides that employees employed by the entrepreneur automatically, without submitting any statements or declarations, become PPK participants. It also provides for exceptions for, for example, employees who have reached the age of 70 on their first day of employment at the latest. In addition, employees between 55 and 70 years of age will conclude an account maintenance agreement under the PPK only upon their request. The Act leaves employees the right to choose - each of them may opt out of participation in the Employee Capital Plan if they submit an appropriate declaration of resignation. Read more about PPK

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How to submit a declaration?

If an employee decides that he does not want funds on his behalf to be transferred to an account maintained under the PPK, he must take appropriate steps to withdraw from the program. Resignation from PPK does not occur automatically - it is up to the employee to submit a declaration and ensure that the formal conditions are met. Resignation from PPK must be submitted in writing and must contain the handwritten signatures of the employee resigning from participation. The employee must submit the completed declaration to his employer.

Submitting the declaration results in the fact that the employer is obliged to immediately (maximum 7 days) inform the financial institution maintaining the participant's account of the employee's resignation from participation in the program. In the month in which he submitted the declaration of resignation, the employer does not make a payment to the PPK - if the resignation from the PPK took place after the payment for a given month was transferred, then it is refundable. An employee who resigned from participation in the PPK may join the program at any time. Re-participation requires submitting the application in writing. If the employee still does not want to participate in the PPK, he will have to submit a declaration of resignation every 4 years.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Act, the period of validity of the declaration of resignation will be 4 years - every 4 years, by the last day of February of a given year, the employer will be obliged to inform the employee about making payments to the PPK again. If he still does not wish to participate, he will have to submit another declaration of opt-out.

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The declaration has two parts

The model of the declaration of resignation prepared by the Ministry of Finance consists of two basic parts. The first part contains the identification data of the employee and his employer.

The employee must complete both the part concerning his own data and the part concerning the employer's data (name of the employing entity).

The second part of the declaration is of more importance as it contains a number of declarations regarding the resignation from financial benefits related to participation in the PPK.

Participant resigning from participation in the program must sign declarations regarding:

  • resignation from the welcome payment;
  • resignation from annual payments;
  • resignation from contributions financed by the employer.

The part containing the declarations requires the employee to sign by hand. Fulfilling this condition is necessary to effectively unsubscribe from participation in the PPK. Do you have a question? Ask an expert! Daily Online Tips! Ask a question TEAM