GDPR, the current practice of the supervisory authority and entrepreneurs


On June 10, 2021, the GDPR online conference will be held - the practice so far of the supervisory authority and entrepreneurs.


Three years of application of the GDPR provisions are behind us. During this period, a lot happened not only in the area of ​​financial penalties imposed by the President of the Personal Data Protection Office, but also in connection with decisions issued by European authorities, which should also translate into Polish practice. Moreover, we can already see the first judgments of administrative courts assessing the positions taken by the President of the Personal Data Protection Office. The regulator is very active despite the fact that in the last year most entrepreneurs have been struggling with the pandemic caused by Covid.

We invited a representative of the President of the Personal Data Protection Office to participate in the conference in order to talk to him about changes to the GDPR, which are potentially necessary from the perspective of the supervisory authority. It will be an opportunity not only to listen to the voice of the President of the Personal Data Protection Office but also to suggest changes that, in your opinion, would be beneficial.

Next, we would like to talk to you about issues that are controversial and difficult: biometrics, pursuing civil claims in connection with violation of the GDPR, debt collection, data transfer outside the European Economic Area or the use of data in R&D research.

Our ambition is to show you how the practice of the President of the Personal Data Protection Office and selected data protection authorities from other EU countries in the areas selected by us developed in the past year. We invited carefully selected experts and distinguished guests who agreed to share their experience with you and us.

Additionally in the program:

  • Whistleblowers and GDPR

  • Assessment of the application of the legal grounds for data processing - are the provisions of the GDPR sufficient?

  • Does the GDPR need updating

  • What will change in connection with the amendment to the electronic communication law?

  • A new way of biometrics, i.e. what impact will the current jurisprudence of the President of the Personal Data Protection Office and the Provincial Administrative Court have on the practice

Among the speakers:

  • Marta Brzoza (Zazula), Orange Poland

  • Anna Kobylańska, Marcin Lewoszewski, Arwid Mednis, PhD, Kobylańska Lewoszewski Mednis Law Firm

  • Magdalena Kogut - Czarkowska, Timelex
  • Joanna Lipinski, KRUK S.A.

  • Anna Rak, TVN Discovery Group
  • Magdalena Soboń-Stasiak, ArcelorMittal Poland

  • Andrzej Kamiński, PKN ORLEN S.A.

Case studies: Orange Polska, ArcelorMittal, TVN Discovery, KRUK, PKN Orlen

Organizer: Puls Biznesu

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