PIT settlement for 2020 - make sure it has been received by the Tax Office!


Until April 30 this year.taxpayers are required to submit a PIT return for 2020. What proves that the declaration has been sent to the tax office? In this article, we present a confirmation of the correct processing of the tax return and its submission to the tax office!

PIT settlement and official confirmation of receipt

Taxpayers who have filed a PIT return for 2020, in order to confirm the shipment to the tax office, should receive the UPO, i.e. the Official Receipt Confirmation. The taxpayer receives this document only when the tax declaration has the status of 200, which proves that the tax return was processed correctly and forwarded to the appropriate tax office.

Sent PIT settlement and failure to receive UPO

The lack of the Official Receipt Confirmation, as a rule, does not have to mean irregularities in the processing of the declaration during shipment and its delivery to the tax office, because the taxpayer at the final stage could omit the collection of the DTT. In this situation, it is worth checking the status of the submitted tax declaration. The status of sent PIT declarations is marked in the article: UPO, i.e. confirmation of filing PIT at the office. It may also turn out that the failure to receive the DTT results from an incorrectly completed annual tax return and therefore it was not submitted to the tax authority.

How to check if the PIT settlement has been submitted to the office?

Taxpayers who have filed a PIT return via a computer program can check the status of the sent annual tax return after logging in. Another way is to verify in your e-PIT - if the tax declaration is correctly submitted to the tax office, the website will display the shipment status and the assigned reference number, which is tantamount to the correct processing of the annual settlement. However, if the annual tax return has been submitted from an external accounting system, it will not always appear in the Your e-PIT service, which does not mean that it has not been submitted if the taxpayer has a tax payer. Hence, having the DTT proves that the annual tax return has been submitted.