Employee market - what does it mean for the employer?

Service Business

The data speaks for itself - we are slowly getting closer to the employee's market. Not only the statistics of the labor office are favorable for employees. The economy is in a state of growth, and entrepreneurs declare to increase or at least maintain employment at the same level. Young Poles also decide to emigrate, which means that the employee market is slowly being shaped in some industries. How can the employer find himself in this situation?

Employee market - the specialist dictates the terms

Professionals are valued in every industry. People with high qualifications and many years of experience, regardless of the situation on the labor market, had the opportunity to influence the terms of the contract prepared by the employer. And while the entrepreneur has accepted the fact that experts value their work very highly, it is difficult for him to accept that regular employees are also trying to negotiate the most favorable terms of employment.

Note that more and more restaurants, fast food outlets, shops and courier companies are struggling with high turnover rates. This is not surprising as this job does not require specialized skills. Young people, and in particular studying students, undertook this type of activity. Currently, it is more and more difficult to find an employee for customer service, as it turns out that students are able to take a position in a corporation. And workers without secondary education went abroad. Although the unemployment rate is declining very slowly, the number of people willing to work for executive positions is drastically declining.

Employee market in the IT industry

It can be said that the employee market is already present in the IT industry. Employers have a growing problem with recruiting experienced programmers, testers and analysts. People with useful skills value them highly. When choosing employers, they pay attention not only to the stability of employment and the amount of remuneration. Factors such as:

  • the distance from the place of work to the place of residence,

  • free meals - lunches, fresh fruit, lunches, sandwiches,

  • non-salary benefits - Multisport card, free health care, courses, training, company car, telephone,

  • work atmosphere,

  • possibility of remote work,

  • office equipment and its layout - high-class specialists do not want to work in boxes,

  • proximity to grocery stores, kindergartens in the workplace.

How is the employer going to cope?

The employee market is unfortunately an unfavorable phenomenon for the employer. On the one hand, entrepreneurs have to fight for competent employees, and on the other hand, they are forced to offer higher salaries or employ people with low qualifications. The quality of the services provided or the products produced must not suffer due to the difficult situation on the labor market for the employer.

The employer should consider what he can offer picky employees. Perhaps the shortening of working hours on Fridays will contribute to the increased interest in job offers of a given entrepreneur. Also, the 8-hour working day may be reduced to 6-7 hours if the employee performs all his duties.

Introducing the possibility of remote work will allow you to gain an advantage over the competition. Performing some tasks is possible outside the entrepreneur's office space. The employee thus gains the freedom to create a daily schedule, saving time and travel costs.

It is also necessary to ensure a friendly working atmosphere. Many employees decide to leave a well-paid job and take a job with a lower salary, but an incomparably better working climate. Generation Y entering the labor market does not like devastating professional competition.