SaaS software - beneficial online solution for businesses

Service Business

When running our business, sooner or later we will decide to launch a website. Companies that sell various types of products should consider creating an online store that will allow them to reach a larger group of customers. Commissioning a website layout is only half the battle. The next step is to choose the right system to manage it. They include, among others SaaS software.

Online store management software - what possibilities?

Having your own online store will allow not only to advertise our company, but also to increase its turnover. When creating a website offering online sales, we can choose from several types of online store management software. The first type is box CMS. Manufacturers provide their solutions for a one-time fee. We can install such software on our server and computer. Another type of CMS offered is free software. It seems most profitable for small businesses as it theoretically does not require any financial contribution on our part. In practice, however, it often happens that after installing free software, we outsource the modification of individual elements to companies that create websites. Another solution is dedicated software, i.e. created from scratch according to our preferences by external companies. It depends on us what the online store management panel will look like and what functions it will have. Unfortunately, these types of products are usually very expensive, and the developers do not provide additional technical support. The golden mean seems to be choosing an online store management software that is distributed in the form of SaaS software.

SaaS software - an advantage over other solutions for online stores

SaaS software, or Software as a Service, are systems for managing online stores that use the so-called cloud computing. This means that all files of our store are stored on the service provider's fast server, which eliminates the problem of paying for additional hosting. Our task will only be to buy the appropriate domain, but in many cases you can also choose it directly on the website of companies providing SaaS software. For online store management systems distributed in the Software as a Service system, we pay a specific subscription in the range selected by us. Many companies have the option to pay either one yearly fee or pay for the software every month. This is a big plus of SaaS CMS, because the entrepreneur does not have to spend a large amount at one time. Start a free 30-day trial period with no strings attached!

Pros of using SaaS software:

  • constant technical support;
  • protection of intellectual property;
  • no one-off, large expense for creating an online store (subscription system);
  • no need to purchase additional space for hosting (all files are stored in the service provider's cloud);
  • ease of use (numerous guides available describing the operation of individual functions in the administration panel).

Software as a Service - not only online stores

It is also worth mentioning that SaaS software is used not only by companies that set up online stores. Services using the Software as a Service model also include various types of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, software for keeping accounting in the company, analytical systems for studying website traffic and office packages. Programs in the Software as a Service system are made available by such technological giants as, for example, Google, Microsoft or Apple. Over the past few years, SaaS software has become extremely popular not only with the commercial consumer but also with individuals.