SaaS (Software as a Service), i.e. software as a service

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The provision of a number of systems and applications via the Internet is now a commonly used phenomenon. The increasing popularity of such an action is due to both convenience and economy. In addition, it enables unlimited possibilities for the development of the company, thanks to the access to data from any place where you can connect to the network. Therefore, it is worth getting to know the SaaS system and considering using it in your own enterprise.

SaaS system - what is it and how does it work?

SaaS (Software as a Service) from the English means "software as a service" and it is this definition that best describes the entire project. Such a system enables the distribution and use of the software via the Internet. The user does not own the software, so he does not have to install it on his computer and does not service it. All responsibilities related to updating, management and technical support remain with the service provider at all times. It is certainly a huge step forward compared to the previous model, which was based and in most cases ended with the purchase of software. The SaaS system turns the traditional model upside down and offers a powerful tool that you do not have to buy for yourself. In return for the subscription fee, the new user receives access to the platform from the service provider and after entering his own login and password, he can fully use all the functions of the software.

How has SaaS evolved?

The development of services offered through the SaaS system has become possible thanks to more and more efficient access to the Internet and dispelling users' doubts related to the safety and reliability of such solutions. The development of web standards and the increasing possibilities of web browsers made it possible for the user to interact with the system that was located on a remote server. Extending the standards used in designing websites has given rise to the creation of interactive web applications. As a result, each browser has become an environment in which independent programs can be run without problems. Thanks to the standardization of the solutions used for this purpose, all programs work properly when using them via web browsers, and therefore are available to every user, regardless of the hardware platform and operating system.

What are the benefits and concerns of SaaS?

The use of services and software distributed through the SaaS system in your own enterprise brings a number of benefits. First of all, it allows you to start using the program at any time, without the need for installation, guarantees freedom and increases the mobility of entrepreneurs. In addition, the SaaS system allows you to reduce the costs associated with the purchase of equipment and expansion of infrastructure in the company, especially related to the purchase of servers and making space for these devices. The much higher cost of purchasing a specific software is reduced in favor of a relatively lower subscription fee. There are also costs related to updating a previously purchased product and its servicing. In the case of software in the SaaS system, these services are included in the subscription fee.

SaaS is a technology that still raises some concerns. The greatest disadvantage is the total dependence on the Internet, while the most common doubts are related to entrusting the distributor with the service of all important company data.

Among the services that are most often made available through the SaaS system, there are accounting packages, CRM applications for managing customer relations, and systems supporting work in the field of HR.

The sector of services offered via the SaaS system is developing dynamically and it is expected that this tendency will continue also in the future. In Poland, the SaaS system is currently the stage of searching for market niches by potential service providers. Nevertheless, companies are more and more willing to use the software provided by distributors who have already started operating through the system. A deeper analysis of the topic even allows you to observe offers prepared by companies conducting the same type of activity. Poles are slowly getting used to technological innovations, so it takes time for the system to fully develop.