Self-employment at a better price?

Service Business

"Start a company or we'll have to say goodbye." This is one of the most frequently appearing ultimatums from future or current employers.

Most of us are following the blow, we set up a company and join the group of over a million Polish entrepreneurs who are the only employees of our own companies. We work like everyone else, we often come to the same hour, we have a similar desk and computer. What distinguishes us is often a higher salary, but also the need to settle accounts with the state on our own.

It is impossible to calculate what percentage of entrepreneurs officially functions like this, because this practice is simply illegal. For concealing a genuine employment relationship, the National Labor Inspectorate may fine both the employer and the “fictitious entrepreneur”. In an interview for the daily Gazeta Prawna, Paulina Zadura-Lichota, director of the department of entrepreneurship development and innovation of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) stated that the indicator that can estimate the number of self-employed people in this way is the number of cases when a one-person company performs work on for one client only.

“The latest survey by PARP, Bilans Kapitałów Human, shows that it is about 200,000. people - says director Zadura-Lichota, stating that it is not known, however, what part of this group are people persuaded to start a business, and what part of this group are those who did it of their own free will, "reads the newspaper report.

Looking at this situation from the side of the satisfied self-employed, it is often also their sovereign choice. They want to earn more, value independence and unlimited time. They are not subject to the rigors of the Labor Code, non-competition clauses, they do not have to ask anyone for consent when they want to sign a contract with another client and can resign from it at any time.

This is an extremely tempting vision of a professional career, but often also paid for by the lack of holidays, irregular working hours, busy weekends and a lonely struggle with the tax office.