Sardinia - a private paradise in the Mediterranean Sea

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A mysterious island in the Mediterranean Sea is a fantastic destination for nature lovers. Sardinia is a small Italian paradise that you can have exclusivity at the right time of the year. Cote d'Azur, amazing rocks and fresh sheep's cheese ... Find out when Sardinia is just for you!

Sardinia - beach holidays

After swimming in crystal water, you do not need to go to the Seychelles. The magnificent Italian island is rich in emerald and azure. For sunbathers and loners, it is a fantastic choice. Good weather is essential for sunbathing. Sardinia guarantees it from the end of April until mid-October. If you want to avoid the tourist hustle and bustle, it's best to go there in spring or late summer. The end of May and the middle of September are the dates that will guarantee us an individual space in the bosom of nature.

It's best to start your short break in Sardinia from Cagliari. The southern location of the island capital guarantees logistical comfort. From Cagliari, we are able to get to magical places at a very low cost. For lovers of gentle climbs, Casteddu itself (Cagliari in Sardo) also guarantees beautiful beaches. The most popular one, Poetto, is the least interesting. The coast is very long, as much as 15 km. However, the accessibility of the part of the beach belonging to Cagliari is incomparable to the Sardinian natural treasures. The beaches like Calamosca and the rocky Cala Fighera are much more interesting, though much smaller. The latter is not easy to get to, a walk over the cliff is inevitable, but it is undoubtedly worth the effort.

Towel under the arm, water, fresh fruit and we set off to conquer the island. The first destination should be Villasimius - 60 kilometers from Cagliari, a charming Italian town. In the season, it is full of tourists, but in the less crowded months, we can enjoy solitude there in the picturesque Porto Giunco. There are direct buses to Villasimius from Cagliari. The journey takes about an hour and a half, but it's not worth taking a nap. The route follows a rocky coast where beauty emerges at every turn. Sea lovers are advised to use the right side of the bus, and if you prefer mountain views, sit on the left. The cost of a trip to the south-eastern paradise of Sardinia is € 5.50. After reaching the place, we have an approximately kilometer walk through a picturesque town. Make a stop for traditional Italian ice cream at Gelateria Chiccheria. On the way back, a must-see for gourmets is Baccusardus, an atmospheric pub where we can taste island delicacies accompanied by l’aperitivo

Another must-see for beach hunters is the town of Chia. This time it is a trip to the southwest of the island, 50 kilometers from Cagliari. For those who seek perfect beaches, Chia is a fantastic place: a small town where 80% of the houses are inhabited only in high season. When going to Chia, make sure you have the right amount of provisions. In the months of April, May, September and October we will find neither people nor open shops there. However, it is worth carrying a few hundred meters of water all day long, with the guarantee of a private paradise on earth. A short hike will take us to the long Su Giudeu beach with white, fine sand. A longer walk is the trail to the small picturesque beach of Cala Cipolla (especially recommended for people who want to shelter from the wind). We will reach Chia from Cagliari in just over an hour, for 3.50 euro.

Sardinia - a holiday with a view of the azure

When stationing in Cagliari, take advantage of the rocky nature of the city. The viewpoints that the capital of Sardinia has in its offer are breathtaking. A must-see on the natural map of Cagliari is Selia Di Diavolo, or the Devil's Saddle. This is the hill that closes the Poetto beach on the right. The trip is about a two-hour uphill walk. Each stop during a small climb gives more and more wonderful panoramas. The first stage is a view of the western part of the island and the aforementioned Calamosca. When reaching the summit, the North Point is a mandatory stop. From there, you can see Cagliari and unique brines. The water reservoirs in which sea salt is recovered, depending on the sunlight that gives them, shimmer with beautiful colors - from purple through violet to pastel pink. The top of the devil's saddle is a view of the endless azure Mediterranean waters. Careful observers on a trip to Selia Di Diavolo can pick up fresh oregano.

Another natural city refuge is the Monte Urpino Park. In the off-season it is a place for body and soul relaxation. In the park itself, we will meet walking peacocks, which - with the appropriate patience of the observer - show their wonderful tails. The peak of Monte Urpino is like the top of the earth. Being alone there, you can forget about everything mundane for a moment. The remains of the old bunker created the perfect place for a longer stop, overlooking the endless waters, the harbor and the picturesque city.

Sardinia is a natural paradise. By visiting it in the off-season months, for example in autumn, we are able to use its advantages almost alone. This mysterious island with many faces can be a reflective asylum or teeming with life. The choice is yours.