Merging JPK VAT - JPK integrator what is it about?


All entrepreneurs who are active VAT taxpayers must send uniform control files in the form of the JPK_VAT structure every month to the Ministry of Finance. Many entrepreneurs, for various reasons, have so far used separate accounting programs for issuing invoices and separate ones for the purpose of tax settlements, creating declarations and sending them. JPK_VAT is physically one file that should contain both all entries from the VAT sales register and all entries from the VAT purchase register. The Ministry of Finance reserves that it is not possible to send several JPK_VAT files. So how to combine JPK_VAT files? Are there functions that allow to merge JPK VAT into one file ready for shipment to the Ministry of Finance?

JPK_VAT always as one file

The Ministry of Finance in the official announcement on the website of the Ministry of Finance in response to question no. 5 (in the official document "Answers to questions about JPK part 2") on the issue of SAF transmission in several files, informs:


Will it be possible to prepare a separate file for each structure due to e.g. the fact of extracting data from different systems? That is, if the enterprise runs the so-called full accounting, presents JPK in the form of 5 files (accounting books, bank statement, VAT purchase and sale records, warehouse, VAT invoices)? (...)


It will be possible to prepare a separate file for each structure due to data extraction from different systems. It will be possible to present JPK in the form of 3 files for each of the structures.

The answer, however, concerns only the separation of files into separate structures, i.e. the JPK_VAT structure, a separate JPK_FA structure and a separate JPK_PKPIR structure. On the other hand, when it comes to transferring several files in one structure, it does not give such flexibility any more, taking the position that it should be one file. So to create JPK_VAT, one file must contain both entries from the VAT sales register and entries from the VAT purchase register, without the possibility of separating them and sending them to the Ministry in two separate files.

JPK_VAT integrator - possibility to combine JPK files

Due to the fact that the JPK_VAT file must be one, in practice, when several separate invoicing programs are used (mainly this applies to companies with many branches), there is a problem with creating one consolidated JPK_VAT file. Usually, each branch has a separate account or the entire invoicing program, and at the headquarters there is an account / system in which all data is aggregated and taxes are calculated on this basis. The solution to the time-consuming and cost-intensive problem is to manually enter each sale into the tax accounting system. But what to do in order not to waste time or money? The answer is to use the so-called solutions. JPK_VAT integrator that allows you to combine JPK_VAT files into one, fully prepared for sending to the website of the Ministry of Finance. How to merge JPK?


JPK_VAT merging in the system - JPK integrator

The function in the online accounting system that allows you to integrate - merging JPK into one file meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Finance is a great help in managing a company where separate invoicing systems are used. Merging JPK_VAT in the system will save time to prepare files for sending them to the office.

1 step - downloading JPK_VAT from the invoicing system

When the entrepreneur uses a different accounting system for invoicing purposes, he must use the instructions for downloading the JPK_VAT file to his computer disk. The downloaded file should contain all entries from the VAT sales register kept on this external invoicing system. If the entrepreneur uses several accounts in the system for invoicing purposes, in the "sales management" package, he downloads the JPK_VAT file by going to the REVENUE tab »VAT SALE REGISTER and clicking Download JPK VAT. In this way, the JPK_VAT file in XML format will be automatically saved on the computer disk.

Step 2 - data import from JPK_VAT allowing for merging JPK

Connecting JPK_VAT files through jpk integrator consists in importing the JPK_VAT file with the contents of the sales register previously downloaded from the invoicing system to the accounting system.

To import a sales JPK_VAT file downloaded from another system or another account at, go to the tab EVIDENCES »VAT REGISTERS» VAT SALE REGISTER and select IMPORT FROM JPK VAT from the menu.

In the window that will appear, select BROWSE and find on the disk the previously saved JPK_VAT file for sale from another system or another account at

After selecting the file, entries to the VAT Sales Register in the accounting system will be imported.

Step 3 - generating a full JPK_VAT file

Such prepared VAT sales register will allow you to generate a full JPK_VAT file in the accounting system (the function is available in the "online accounting" package). In order to create a JPK_VAT file, go to the tab: OFFICE »DECLARATIONS» UNIFORM CONTROL FILE »ADD JPK VAT, then indicating the period for which the file is to be generated.

Step 4 - sending JPK_VAT from the system to the Ministry of Finance

Thus prepared, the full JPK_VAT file can be sent to the Ministry of Finance from the tab: OFFICE »DECLARATIONS» SINGLE CONTROL FILE, where you should select the file for a given period and select the SEND TO THE OFFICE option in the upper menu.

5th step - UPO download

To receive confirmation that the JPK_VAT file has been correctly received by the Ministry of Finance, UPO should be downloaded.