The shopping path - how to make it easier for the customer?

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The e-commerce market in Poland is developing very dynamically. Almost 50% of internet users declare that they shop online. The number of e-shops is growing day by day. However, there are still customers who only research the products they want to buy online, and carry out the transaction offline. This is the so-called ROPO effect. Therefore, each store fights for the customer's attention, and also to keep them for longer. How can this be done? Does only a low price attract the customer? What is the impact of the purchasing path that the recipient follows on this?

Shopping path

As many as 20% of online store customers declared that the ease of placing an order is an important issue when making purchasing decisions. Therefore, it is important that the shopping path in your store is as short and easy as possible. You can also use marketing methods to persuade the customer to complete the transaction when placing the order.

How to facilitate the shopping path in the e-shop?

Do you think that your shopping path is properly designed, and yet many of your customers do not finish their purchases? You can make several methods and changes to further simplify your customers' shopping experience.

No registration required

As many as 26% of buyers abandon the cart if registration is required to purchase. These are often new customers who have not yet made a decision as to whether or not they want to open an account. So give them the option to buy without registering. At the beginning of your shopping path, add a button - "Quick shopping" or "Shopping without registration", this way your customer will be able to decide at the very beginning how he wants to make a purchase.

Fast data entry

When making a purchase, the customer still has to fill in many fields on the form. If he makes a mistake entering any of the items, please inform him immediately. Do not select this only when trying to submit the form. This may discourage him from filling in all the fields again and, as a result, from purchasing himself.

Hints in the rubrics

The shopping path is so long that it is worth shortening it even a bit. Therefore, if your client is not with you for the first time, you can enter hints when filling out the form - auto-complete.

Visible adding to cart

A definite must-have that will facilitate shopping in every store is the properly shown moment of adding a product to the cart. The best form of this action is a pop-up pop-up in which the customer is notified that the item selected by him has entered the basket and immediately gets the option to choose whether he wants to go there or continue shopping. This is so much easier that the customer who wants to add another product does not have to click through the entire page again.

The shopping path in a few steps

It is worth dividing the checkout process into several steps. When the customer can see what stage of the order he is at, not only does he feel safer, but also can easily return to the previous stages to change, for example, address details.

Responsiveness is the key

According to the E-commerce in Poland 2017 report, already more than half of online shoppers make purchases using smartphones or tablets. Importantly, this trend is constantly growing, so it is worth investing in a responsive version of the store.

Customers who are more likely to choose this form of shopping say that it gives them freedom, convenience and time savings. Convenience is especially important to these users, so it's important for your mobile site to function properly. Among the obstacles to shopping, they mention: long form filling, too small letters or slow page loading. The form itself should also be kept to a minimum so that the customer doesn't drop out halfway.

E-mail marketing helpful in the purchasing path

When designing the shopping path, you must remember about all the ways to keep the customer in your store. One such tool can be email marketing. You can use it at any stage of the shopping path.

Sales e-mails

At the beginning, you can encourage your customers by e-mail about an interesting promotion, sale or a new collection to enter your store. The Custor report shows that 30% of e-commerce transactions are conducted from the newsletter. Thanks to the integration with Google Analytics, the seller knows what products the customer is watching and can later propose them in subsequent messages.


If during the shopping path in your store you asked the customer to register, indicate in the e-mail confirming this action the benefits that he may receive when making purchases. Tell him about the rules for using the loyalty program or special promotions.

Abandoned baskets

It happens that customers are extremely interested in a product and put it in the basket, but for some reason they do not complete the transaction. It is worth reminding them about it by sending an e-mail with the view of the basket and an incentive to complete the shopping.

The shopping path and what to do next

The shopping path does not end when the customer makes a purchase and pays. If you want to increase the conversion after some time, send him an email with a suggestion of complementary products. You can also ask him for his opinion on the product and the transaction itself, or simply encourage him to come back with interesting offers.