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Internet communication is constantly evolving, and each year brings new solutions. One of the strongest trends of the last 2-3 years is the content website. If you don't know what it is or aren't sure, be sure to read the article. You will learn why having a content service when running a business is beneficial.

What is a content website and why is it worth having one?

Although more and more companies and brands decide to have a content website, the term itself is not yet common. It means a website on which you will be able to publish content of your choice - contextually, but not necessarily strictly tailored to the field in which your company operates. Thanks to the texts, images or videos posted on the website, the news about your products or services will reach the niche, i.e. people directly interested in your offer. Your task will be to ensure that the content is valuable - it can be maintained, for example, in a transparent tutorial style.

Corporate websites, even if they are extensive, have communication limitations. Contact with a potential customer is usually limited to providing him with a phone number or e-mail address. Although it is a tribute to the person on the website, it is not always a sufficient incentive to perform an additional action - write a message or make a phone call. It is therefore all the more important that the content on your website answers all the questions that your potential customers not only have asked but might want to ask in the future.

Achieving the goal with the help of a content service

When deciding to run a content website, you have to answer the question what effect you want, and therefore what is your goal. This is important at the stage of designing the website: tabs, space for text, the way of adding additional materials in the text, installing additional social or sales plugins, etc.

Your content service may pursue one of the following goals:

  • Expanding your target audience - Perhaps your company offers products or services that are not popular or, on the contrary, you have a lot of competition. The content service will allow you to prove that you are worth trusting, because you have something unique that others do not have.

  • Brand positioning - depending on what type of content you decide to publish, e.g. guidebook, expert, humorous, blog etc., this is how you will be seen through the eyes of the readers. This will translate directly into your image and positioning the company as an expert, joker or one who is willing to share knowledge and practices.

  • Brand awareness - by conducting consistent communication within the content section that involves your company's products or services, you inevitably increase awareness of them.

  • User engagement - attractive content is engaging.Both the content and the form, which will appeal to recipients, can count on interactions: recommendations to friends, comments, etc. Thanks to this, you will also start building a community around your services or products. See the awarded case study on how to increase traffic within the content site thanks to user activation.

  • Sales - a content service is a great intermediary between an undecided recipient and the performance of an action (e.g. making a purchase). Valuable content on the website will provide material from which the recipient will find out why it is worth taking advantage of your offer.

A content website can also be a means of, for example, changing the way or tone of a company's communication. For one brand, professionalism will be the key, and for another brand, ease and friendly relations with potential customers. Depending on the industry in which you work, you will want to address the recipients as Ms / Mr, or on the contrary: you / You. The language you speak will affect how you are perceived by potential customers. A content website can be a great tool and a means to initiate such a change and its consistent execution.

Find inspiration for the nature of a content website on the Internet

If you want to check what the correct content website should look like, go to the Lidl or Biedronka website. Both stores provide recipients with websites with content contextually relevant to the industry, but going beyond the product offer.

Lidl runs several content websites, incl. and On the latter, it offers people interested in cooking interesting recipes of the ideas of chefs cooperating with the chain of stores, incl. Paweł Małecki, Daria Ładocha and Karol Okrasa. On the website, you can leave comments, save your favorite recipes, print them and send to your e-mail a list of purchases necessary to make a dish, and also available in Lidl. In addition, the store allows you to subscribe to a free newsletter.

Similar activities are carried out by Biedronka, e.g. at or It allows recipients to search for dishes by meal and favorite ingredient, print them, rate them, as well as add ingredients to the shopping list. Here you can also use the option of receiving e-mail notifications about new publications.

A content website tailored to your needs

You already know that a content website is a flexible solution. It will allow you to pursue various goals, tailored to your needs. Before designing it, be sure to ask yourself what effect you want to achieve - the answer to it will allow you to measure the effects in the future. Based on the conclusions, you will decide whether it is worth supplementing the content website with additional tabs, e.g. with audio-visual materials or e-books collecting leads.

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