Shopper marketing (part 2) - definition and influence on customer acquisition

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Shopper marketing - what is the shopper guided by?

Shopper marketing starts with a purchase plan. The plan includes such issues as:

  • type of goods / service (food products, clothes);
  • place of purchase (stationary or online store);
  • type of shop (small shop, supermarket);
  • type of brand within the selected product / service (company X or company Y);
  • the amount he plans to spend on certain goods.

Once the plan is drawn up, it remains to go shopping. This does not mean, however, that the shopper marketing process ends at this stage. A potential customer may change their mind when visiting the store, choosing a different brand or giving up completely due to lack of goods or too high price.

The last stage is the experience of purchasing a good / service. This stage is more important than the purchase itself, because if the shopper is satisfied, the next time the shopping plan is made, he will first take into account the brand that meets his expectations. This is one of the most important tasks of marketers, because the most profits are always generated by a well-known and trusted target group that willingly returns to using goods / services.

Shopper marketing - factors influencing the purchase plan

As already mentioned, shopper marketing aims to use all available information flow channels that will increase customer interest in specific online stores. The most commonly used tools include:

  • press, radio, television, internet;
  • price cuts;
  • word of mouth marketing, friends' opinions;
  • social networking sites; opinions of Internet users on forums, in comments;
  • loyalty cards, discounts for selected customers.

Shopper marketing and marketing mix

The shopper marketing strategy is related to the 4P marketing mix concept. The abbreviation 4P came from the first letters of the English words: product (product), price (price), distribution (place), promotion (promotion). How do the listed items relate to shopper marketing?

The following elements attract the shopper's attention to the marketing mix:

  • Product - shape, size, material, packaging, color, graphic design and advertising slogans on the packaging.
  • Price - currently applicable discounts, promotional coupons, attractive price packages.
  • Distribution - the appearance of the store, appropriate lighting, space size, distribution of goods on the shelves.
  • Promotion - shop stickers, large screens / TV sets displaying advertisements for products available in the store, packaging promotions, promotional information, advertisements on walls, shopping baskets, on the floor.

Shopper and shopper marketing - behavior studies

Currently, the most effective forms of researching shopper behavior are observation, interview and data collected by computer systems of cash registers. Thanks to these channels, it is possible to accurately identify customer behavior during the purchasing process.

An example of specific research related to observation is paying attention to what the customer has the longest interest in the store, what products he touched, which he gave up and what he finally bought.

Through an interview, i.e. a direct conversation, it is possible to define the shopper's motives when shopping. It is worth asking the following questions here:

  • why does the customer replace the product and what alternative does he find?
  • what are his prejudices against the selected products / services?
  • what is the client's life / material situation?
  • what is the customer's lifestyle?
  • what are his overriding needs and wants?

In turn, the cash register systems provide accurate information about the purchased goods / services, taking into account such elements as price, date of purchase and possibly customer data in the event of an invoice. This information will allow you to measure the average demand for specific goods in a given month / season, the average amount that the customer spends on shopping or the customer's location - whether he has to spend a lot of time commuting to the store, or does he live nearby.

Shopper marketing - summary

Shopper marketing is a powerful marketing tool that can bring huge profits with a well-planned strategy. You should spend a lot of time on a thorough analysis of customer behavior and use the most popular information flow channels. By accurately defining the customer's needs, not only will it be possible to sell the product, but above all to present the brand in a positive light, thanks to which the re-purchase seems only a matter of time.