Fiber optic network - new Polish investments

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Optical fiber network in Poland

Last week, a letter of intent was signed between Polskie Inwestycje Rozwojowe (hereinafter: PIR) and Hawe to co-finance the creation of a solution that will certainly popularize the Internet in Poland - it is a new fiber-optic network. The network will connect 870,000 households within 6 years, and after eleven years it will provide internet to 1.22 million households. It is about the modern FTTH technology, i.e. Fiber To The Home - connecting households to a system of ultra-fast optical fibers that transfer various types of data.

The breakdown of contributions within the newly established company is to be as follows: Hawe PLN 127 million, PIR PLN 123 million. It is estimated that during the 11 years of the investment implementation, the total outlays will amount to PLN 890 million. According to information from Hawe, the investment will become profitable just three years after its commencement. Now is the time for a project viability study to be performed by PIR. If this state-owned company approves, there will be no more obstacles before starting the project. The company established on the basis of the agreement will not be listed on the stock exchange. Construction is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2015.

According to Hawe, as part of the project, SPV plans to build an access network in a partnership model, i.e. in close cooperation with telecommunications operators and in an open model, which consists in providing the possibility of leasing fiber optic lines to all other interested market entities.

This is not the first HAWE project that deals with FTTH technology. In October this year, the company established cooperation with the Ursynów authorities as well as Orange and Huawei, on the basis of which the residents of this Warsaw district will get access to high-speed optical fiber.