Bruising under the eyes - are they a sign of illness?

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They can be yellow, brown, blue ... They get worse with age, they don't have many followers. Bruises under the eyes - certainly no one who struggles with them finds them attractive. They usually make us look older, appear tired, and sick. Although we most often inherit them from our parents and are only a matter of genes or they appear when we do not sleep through the night and are exhausted, they can sometimes suggest that we are sick with something. Are dark circles under the eyes a symptom of a disease?

Bruises under the eyes - where do they come from?

The skin just below our eyes is very delicate and thin. No wonder that you can often see all the blood vessels underneath it. In addition, poor distribution of melanin in the skin and more of it under the eyes can cause unattractive dark circles. Another reason is simply that the eyes are deeply seated. Then it seems that the skin under the eyes is darker, although the shadow falling on it will give the impression.

Dark circles under the eyes are not always a sign of aging. Often it is our genes. We inherit them from our parents. Genes are hard to do, so fighting shadows in such cases is not easy.

What do the dark circles under the eyes suggest?

  • If we have noticed dark circles under our eyes, let's think about whether they are caused by our lifestyle. The shadows may appear as a result of exhaustion, excessive stress, smoking, unhealthy diet and drinking large amounts of alcohol. An unhealthy lifestyle can make you bruise.

  • If the bruises are accompanied by general weakness, dizziness, and the skin is pale, like the mucous membranes, we bruise easily, we probably suffer from anemia. Do not ignore such a condition and if you suspect that you are affected, see a doctor immediately and have your blood tested.

  • Dark circles under the eyes can also indicate diseases of the thyroid gland - hypothyroidism or hyperfunction. If you experience symptoms such as constant fatigue, excessive sleepiness, low mood, hypersensitivity to cold, your hair is falling out, and you have just darkened your eyes, it is possible that these are symptoms of hypothyroidism. In turn, hyperthyroidism is indicated by weight loss, shortness of breath, constant feeling of too high temperature and irritability.

  • Dark circles under the eyes also occur in diabetes. Other symptoms of this disease are general weakness of the body, high thirst or frequent urge to urinate.

  • If we have bruises only once in a while, at different times of the day, pay attention to what we eat. Perhaps we got a food allergy and that's why dark circles appear. When our eyelids hurt and swell, and the conjunctiva is bloodshot, we probably have allergic conjunctivitis.

  • Dark circles under the eyes are also one of the symptoms of dehydration and malnutrition.

  • Bruising is also associated with atopic dermatitis. It also manifests as facial erythema and puffy eyelids.

  • Another reason why dark circles may appear under our eyes is due to problems with the pancreas. In this case, however, it is so difficult that usually the pancreas does not hurt. Abdominal pain may already indicate that the disease is advanced.

  • Shadows can also appear after many hours of work in front of the computer, which results in fatigue, not only of the whole body, but above all of the eyes.

The bruises under the eyes do not look aesthetically pleasing, fighting them, especially when their cause is genetic, can be uneven and very difficult. However, it is worth being aware that dark circles can suggest diseases, especially when they occur along with other, disturbing symptoms.

We should also remember that bruises can also be a symptom of skin aging and appear with age. Then also getting rid of them is extremely difficult.

However, if we find the cause, we can deal with them quickly. Therefore, it is worth listening to your body - it certainly gives us good tips.