Scaling sales - what is it?

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In the previous parts of the cycle, we have repeatedly mentioned the importance of the idea on which the entire start-up is based, but over time it transforms into a product, and entrepreneurs must realize how important the customer is, acquiring investors, caring for a team of associates or, of course, sales. When we get the first customers, it is worth focusing on the next stages. Optimization and scaling of sales are one of them, definitely important, because a start-up that finds its scaled business model turns into a real enterprise.

What is product optimization?

One of the stages that precedes scaling sales is product optimization. What is going on? Once we find the first customers to buy our product, we can fully focus on improving the product. There is probably no company that would not want to reduce production costs to a level where quality will not suffer. The more customer feedback, the more efficiently we can complete this step. Certain stages of production can be automated, any errors and inconveniences can be removed and everything possible simplified.

What is sales scaling?

In scaling your sales, as the name suggests, the idea is to expand your sales scale. The fact that we have acquired the first group of our clients should not make us rest on our laurels. We should repeat this process, reach new groups of recipients, enter new markets. Selling is so important that many traders forget the importance of having the right strategy on which everything is based. Therefore, it is worth remembering that buying is only the tip of the iceberg, and it also consists of a business model, a sales plan and strategies related to it.

Scaled business, or what?

There is also the concept of a scaled business / business model. What does it mean? For a company to be successful, it cannot ignore the important role of a properly built business model. From the very beginning, it should act as it has set it up. The “somehow it will be” approach almost never works. However, when a start-up operates according to a predetermined strategy after its establishment, the possibility of obtaining higher and higher profits and scaling sales is much more likely. This is one reason so much is being said about the importance of creating a business model for startups.

Strategies to increase sales

We create products primarily because we intend to sell them. That is why so much importance is attached to this stage of activity. It is worth learning about his various strategies to make customer acquisition effective.

Preparing a strategy will allow us to gain customers and meet their needs. Thanks to this, we have a better chance of scaling sales. Before choosing the right course of action, you need to think carefully about what can contribute to your success.

First of all, let's consider our client.It is him and his needs that should be the most important to us. Remember that it is not the customer who should adjust to the company, but the company to the customer. We should also remember that an overly complicated sales process may be a deterrent. After all, unintuitive shopping will make the recipient go to the competition where there are no problems and all stages are easy and understandable.

Check what is happening with the competition and learn not only from your mistakes but also from the shortcomings of others. Perhaps there is a flaw in her strategy that you need to fix and fill in for success - but be sure to play fair, inspire yourself, learn, but not copy.

Why does your company need a sales strategy? Careful planning will make it difficult to surprise you. You will be walking clearly, so when adversities arise, you will most likely be prepared for them. You need to know what target group you want to reach, who you will meet there and why these people will be there.

It is worth finding a form of sale that will stand out and make people pay special attention to it. Find out what upsets your potential customers on a daily basis when shopping, and try to avoid it, and if you can't, find a good explanation for the situation and reward it in some way.

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How to enter new markets?

Scaling up sales will take place on a much larger scale if we start expansion into new markets. However, this decision needs to be carefully considered in order not to go where we are unable to cope.

Entering a new market often requires introducing improvements in production technology, increasing quality, expanding the sales offer and investing more money in marketing and advertising.

First of all, let's look for a market that is attractive and competitive. Let's prepare an offer, learning from all the mistakes so far and avoid them. Let's increase distribution and try to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Before entering a new market, however, we must be sure that we have the right potential, we have a chance to stay on the market, there is a demand for our product and service, and our company and project receive great recommendations.

Sales are extremely important in any business, because that is why the product hits the market in the first place. However, we must not forget about everything that precedes it and its companions, so that everything goes according to the assumptions of our business model. The strategy should accompany us from the very beginning of the start-up's operation.