The sickness contribution paid after the deadline will not deprive the entrepreneur of the benefit - changes from January 1, 2022


The sickness contribution is a voluntary contribution for persons running a business. This means that you can apply for it and therefore be entitled to sickness and maternity benefits. However, the regulations regarding the payment of these contributions were extremely restrictive. This is about to change from the new year!

Sickness insurance paid after the deadline - how is it now?

In the current legal situation, an entrepreneur who applied to ZUS in order to pay a voluntary sickness contribution was obliged to pay all ZUS contributions in a timely manner. Late payment of the sickness contribution on time automatically deprived the entrepreneur of the right to receive a sickness benefit for the period of inability to work. The only solution in this situation was the need to submit an application to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) for restoring the deadline for payment of contributions. It is worth emphasizing, however, that it was only an application, and the final decision in this regard was made by ZUS. In practice, this meant that an entrepreneur who paid contributions (bears the cost of paying sickness contributions), but who did so after the deadline, could not count on receiving a sickness benefit.

What will change from January 1, 2022?

From January 1, 2022, many changes to the payment of benefits will come into effect. One of them is the end of the restrictive rules for paying sickness contributions after the deadline. What will the modification consist of? From the new year, insured persons subject to voluntary sickness contribution will retain the right to sickness benefit if their arrears towards ZUS do not exceed 1% of the minimum wage (in 2022 - PLN 30.10).

On the other hand, if the debt to ZUS is higher than 1% of the minimum wage, then these people will be entitled to an allowance after the debt is repaid. If it is not settled within 6 months from the date of the entitlement to the benefit, this right will be time-barred.

- Business regulations should be friendly, and unnecessary bureaucracy - eliminated. These were the intentions of the government when it recommended the legislators to pass the Business Constitution. The entrepreneur cannot be punished with the lack of benefits for missing a date which was not previously informed by ZUS - says Adam Abramowicz, SME spokesman.

From the new year, several modifications to the payment of benefits will come into force and most of them will be beneficial for the insured. The changes are going in the right direction.