Online store - the effects of a website that is too slow

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Internet users do not like sites that load too slowly due to their weight. In the age of super-fast connection, waiting too long is a huge disadvantage. The online store should adapt even more to the pace of its customers.

According to an experiment conducted by Google, in which the company deliberately increased the time it takes to load a page containing search results, many Internet users chose not to wait for the results to be published. The number of queries then decreased by 0.2 to 0.6%, with a delay of only (or as much as) from 100 to 400 milliseconds! This is the time needed for one blink of an eyelid.

So, since a short delay in showing search results can cause a drop in the number of search engine users, what happens with those websites that load too slowly?

Online store - the effects of too slow loading of the page

It has been known for a long time that users of websites are impatient. This has recently been confirmed by research conducted by Akamai. According to them, about 40% of users decide to leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. In addition, eight out of ten respondents declared their willingness to look for another site if the site is too slow.

The long loading of the website is also not well seen by the Google search engine. Only those sites that show up very quickly are in the top positions in the search results. This means that the speed of their loading is one of the elements that affect their position in the search engine. Therefore, an online store, wanting to attract new customers, should work on the speed of the website.

Finally, the advantage of faster stores is also demonstrated by the operation of the global e-commerce tycoon, Amazon, which has certified that accelerating page display by up to 100 milliseconds increases the number of transactions by 1%.

What does this mean for an owner whose online store is slow? First of all, a decrease in website visits, but also a limited possibility of getting new orders. For an online-only entrepreneur, this means the death of the business, considering the fact that, as shown by Akamai, the aforementioned company, slowing down a website can reduce conversions by 0.7%.

Online store - what delays the page loading?

As we already know, internet users prefer fast loading pages. However, it is worth considering what influences the fact that the online store slows down.

The charging process depends on many factors. It looks like this: after the user enters the Internet address, the browser connects to the correct server by using the DNS system. After the server finds the files, it sends them to the browser, thanks to which the Internet user can see the displayed website on his computer screen. Of course, the time that is necessary to carry out this operation depends on many elements, including: HTML and CSS code, the size of photos and graphics, the use of the browser cache, java files and the waiting time for the server's response.

Website code is one of the most important factors that determine the loading time of a page. Usually, it is from him that the optimization of the website begins, because the size of the page file that will be sent to the user depends on its version. This means that it should not exceed a few kilobytes.

The information provided by the website owner is also important. Many times, websites display animations in the form of flash files, for example, advertising banners or insufficiently compressed photos. In the event that the flash animation contains just uncompressed images, it may turn out that only it will be of a size much larger than the size of the entire HTML code of the page.

A similar situation may arise when you place images on the page that are large and then shrink in the site. Apart from the fact that their quality deteriorates significantly, they do not allow the website to load quickly enough.

Online store - increasing the speed of the site

There are several ways to increase the speed of your website. As mentioned above, there are some basic mistakes that people make when creating websites. Certainly, their elimination and quick optimization will speed up the time needed to display it correctly.

You can also try to speed up your site by transferring it to a server equipped with so-called SDDs. This abbreviation comes from the English term solid-state drive and means such Internet drives that are based on flash memory. They are characterized not only by significant resistance to damage caused during falls, but also, above all, by the speed of random access to data. Compared to traditional HDDs with 10 to 20 milliseconds, here it is only 0.1 milliseconds. This speed of operation also translates into the time it takes to load a website. In the case of an SDD server, it is much shorter.

How to check page loading time

To check whether your online store belongs to the group of free pages, you can use a tool offered by Google as part of the Google Developers service - PageSpeed ​​Insights. By entering the web address of your website, you can learn interesting information about how it behaves when viewed on other users' computers.

After analyzing the properties of the page, its owner receives a report containing a list of changes that it is good to make to be able to enjoy a faster page. Once the optimization is performed, the tool shows how the changes affect the perception of the website in terms of its speed.

In its analysis, PageSpeed ​​Insights focuses on two aspects: page loading time (measures how long it takes between sending a request for a new page and rendering it) and the time of full page loading (how many moments elapses from the moment the request is sent to the website being fully displayed on the computer screen). ).

Having a website that responds quickly enough to requests to display it on internet users' computer screens is not only a way to outperform the competition, but also sometimes the only way to force your online store to earn money. Therefore, website optimization in this respect is a key element in improving your business. The online store should react quickly, as the concentration and patience of Internet users turns out to be shorter and shorter. Speed-minded entrepreneurs are sure to be successful.