Online store - methods for effective marketing

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You have created your online store, you already have software, domain, hosting, settled logistics issues, you start the store and ... and nothing, no traffic on the site. Why? Because you haven't taken any steps to create a good online store marketing. How are customers supposed to buy in an e-shop, if they do not know about its existence?

Many young entrepreneurs think that once they launch an online store, the hardest part of the task is behind them. And yet opening an online store is just the beginning. Difficulties begin with the opening of an online store. You have to really go to the trouble to get any customers, let alone the loyal ones. But it is not an impossible thing and with smart marketing, it is not even very expensive, but certainly labor-intensive.

Intratical location of the store and marketing

Do you think that the problem of a good location does not apply to the online store? Nothing could be more wrong, because a relevant domain is like locating a store in a place where its potential customers go.

Each website has its own unique address, which is the Internet domain. The better the located address on the web, the more potential customers it will attract. A good internet domain should be unique - short, easy to remember and pronounce. In addition, it must evoke immediate associations with a given store. An important element of the address is its extension, in Poland, of course, the most popular ending is .pl. The domain is the showcase of your store, so you need to think carefully about it, because the domain for the store is chosen for life.

Online store and social media marketing

Many people still underestimate the power of social networks. Facebook can now be an important part of any entrepreneur's marketing. We create a fanpage of our online store and gain fans who can also become potential customers. With Facebook you can do marketing miracles, but you need to spend some time delving into its secrets and tricks. But the effect is immeasurable.

Similar functions can be performed by other social networks. The online store can also build an image and sell on Instagram or Pinterest.

And microblogs, the largest of them - Twitter. Their function is informative rather than descriptive. However, they are perfect for the flow of information, e.g. we quickly inform our customers about discounts, sales, promotions and competitions.

When they see you, that's how they write you - that is, image and marketing

The appearance of your e-shop says a lot not only about itself, but also about you as a seller. A neglected and illegible page will discourage potential customers. The truth is that attractive design attracts consumers.

The same applies to the presentation of products - the photos must be clear and of really good quality, they must have good shots so that the customer can see the goods from almost all sides, they must encourage the purchase. So take care of the details - put descriptions under each product that will perfectly reflect its functionality. Contrary to traditional stores, the online store works only on one sense of the customer, vision, and therefore you need to focus on it.

Also remember about moderation - bright colors and illegible fonts are eliminated!

Online store and SEO

To get customers, you need to position your store, i.e. place it in high positions in search engines. Positioning is a very important element of marketing, without which you can not move on. In a situation where you want to increase website traffic, you need to invest in positioning. If you are unfamiliar with it, you can hire a specialist, but do not skip this step under any circumstances.

E-shop on forums - the power of buzz marketing

Nothing works as well for advertising as the general public, and online forums are bursting with comments about certain products or even stores. However, your role is that you must follow the discussions and take an active part in them.

People don't like buying a pig in a poke, so they often do some research before making a purchase, relying heavily on the opinions of other consumers. Such internet forums are a good place to present your offer, but you have to do it wisely - stick to the topic and avoid spamming with intrusive ads.

Promotions and competitions in the online store

It is known that nothing attracts the client better than the occasion. Therefore, you must present your products in such a way as to encourage potential customers to buy. Social networks offer great conditions for holding various types of contests, and contests generate more customers. Small freebies also work well for consumers. The truth is, you attract them with what the competition doesn't. Also consider whether you can cut down on the price a bit, because Internet users often use price comparison websites. However, if you do not have the conditions for it, give up on it.

In addition, you can offer potential customers to test selected products or send them a sample.

Online business blog

Create a blog to post about your life from the perspective of an entrepreneur. People look for such information on the Web, you can give it to them, thus making your online store more attractive.

Constant contact with the client

If you want to gain customer loyalty, you have to be at their disposal all the time, so provide your e-mail address, phone number, chat number, Skype login, etc., it will make contact much easier, and the customer will see that you care about him ( of course you have to answer his questions quickly).

In addition, involve your customers to actively participate in the creation of such an online store. Let them comment on your products and even ask them to give their opinion.

Business partnership and the online store

It sounds scary, but it's not. Business partnership most often consists in symbiotic advertising of each other. Suppose you run an online clothes store, establish a business partnership with a person / company that runs, for example, a fashion blog, she links to your store on her blog, and vice versa - you to her blog.

There are many ways to promote an online store and it is worth using most of them, especially at the beginning, to create brand awareness (branding) among potential consumers. Once we take advantage of all these possibilities, we can move on to more professional, but also traditional advertising in the form of sponsored articles, media announcements, billboards, leaflets, etc. However, you must remember that this type of treatment requires some financial resources.

How you handle the marketing of your online store depends only on you, but one thing is certain - you cannot give up on it. Competition is not sleeping, and in the age of the Internet, a lot of e-shops exist and are being created. You have to be original and patient, because success does not come immediately.