An effective mission for a small business - how to create one?

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Small enterprises usually react flexibly to the changing needs and expectations of customers. They do not have a strategic plan that would define a rigid framework for the activities undertaken. Every entrepreneur dreams of expanding his business. Striving for success makes it possible to formulate a good mission. It becomes the overriding goal of a given company, motivating employees to work more efficiently. How to define it in order to achieve a competitive advantage on the local market?

Mission - why do we exist?

The mission is the justification of the entity's existence. It defines what the enterprise is doing at the moment and what it intends to achieve in the future. Contrary to a vision, it is not a daydream, a desire or an unreal dream. The mission sets a specific goal to be achieved.

When creating a mission, answer the following questions:

  • Who we are?

  • What are we here for?

  • What we do?

  • What's our story?

  • Who is our client?

  • What needs do we satisfy?

  • Why are we doing what we are doing?

  • What are our values?

  • How do we stand out from the competition?

  • What do we want to achieve?

What does an effective mission give an organization?

Keep in mind that while a mission may sound like a slogan or advertising slogan, it is not. Marketers keep coming up with new ideas regarding promotional campaigns, the nature of the created advertising messages is changing, as well as catchy texts that the client is to remember and associate with a given company. The mission should be relatively persistent and show the identity of the company in question - what it is now and what will be in the future.

An effective mission inspires employees and justifies their actions and gives meaning to their work. It motivates them and allows them to feel part of the community that a given company is. Thanks to the mission, the framework for the organization's strategy is also set. Since it is the overriding goal of the company, it also becomes one of the elements of the strategic plan and allows you to plan other directions of development. The mission also has a stabilizing function. This means that it should remain unchanged over a period of time and emphasize what is important to the enterprise.

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How to define a mission?

First of all, the mission should be:

  • concise - the wording of the company's overarching goal should not be too long or complicated. The easiest to remember and understand is a short message,

  • flexible - should not restrict the company's freedom of operation. Determining narrow areas in which activities can be conducted does not allow the company to develop and diversify,

  • originality - the mission should not be copied from other organizations, it must be individual and specific to a given company.

When creating a mission for your company, pay attention to the industry in which you operate. Define what you would like to achieve. Remember also about your customers and their expectations. It should be mentioned in the mission that you are interested in their needs and that you exist for them. Try to weave the values ​​that guide you. Create several versions of the mission. Read them aloud and consider what you would think of such a company. Does your wording evoke positive feelings in you, or do you feel that it represents an impossible promise?

Example 1.

The mission of PKP Intercity: Providing customers with a safe, comfortable and punctual journey.

The above mission was not correctly worded. It is not known what PKP is trying to achieve. Rather, the formulation is a vision as it represents a certain and distant dream.

Example 2.

The mission of the Kronopol company is to be the world leader in the wood-based materials market.

Kronopol indicated where it is headed in its activities. He presented what he wants to achieve and on which market he operates. However, he did not mention the customers and their needs.

Example 3.

OCEANIC S.A.'s mission is to help people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin by creating safe, effective and modern cosmetics that will allow them to lead a normal life, without experiencing allergic ailments.

Oceanic S.A.'s mission it is a bit lengthy, but it pays attention to meeting customer needs. The company indicates that it will develop in the field of production of cosmetics that meet the expectations of sensitive consumers. It can be noticed that human health is a particularly important value for this company.