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A good tool in the hand of a craftsman allows you to create truly unique things. It is similar in the case of SEO wca, who, having the right work tool, can be more effective in his activities and perform his duties even more effectively. In an era when computer science and electronics have less and less secrets for us, we know more about software and innovative solutions, it would seem that choosing good software will be a simple matter. As it turns out, the opposite is true, due to too many SEO tools available on the market. Every year there are more and more of them, and we do not know whether it is better to trust proven programs or take a risk and choose what is just entering the market. Let's take a closer look at the ZennoPoster tool.

ZennoPoster - one tool, many possibilities

ZennoPoster has many supporters and you can read a lot of positive opinions about it on forums and websites. The program was created with the SEO industry in mind and was to facilitate the work of not only specialists, but also "gray" users. It is considered by many to be one of the best positioning tools. Perfect for backend building and administration. At the very beginning, it is worth realizing what possibilities ZennoPoster gives us. These are:

  • adding posts to the website,

  • creating profiles, i.e. registration on websites,

  • registration of services,

  • adding mass comments, issuing opinions and adding online advertisements,

  • filling out questionnaires, voting,

  • downloading and saving any content,

  • Data processing,

  • other functions necessary or facilitating the work of marketers and SEO specialists,

ZennoPoster and interesting solutions

Within the program, we have several necessary modules that are not only worth knowing, but also necessary:

  • ProjectMaker - an extremely intuitive but complex tool for designing templates. Even though the template itself is an xml file, we need ProjectMaker to manage it easily. Its biggest advantages are the built-in debugger and the ability to record browser browsing actions. The very act of designing templates is easy and fun, so it can be handled by a person who has little knowledge in this field. By recording navigation on a specific page, it allows you to automatically create a diagram with which you design.

  • ZennoPoster - after creating templates in ProjectMaker, you need to run them next and for that we will need ZennoPoster module. It is a module that allows you to open multiple browser windows that are not related to each other in any way. It is perfect for imitating the work of internet users. It is also an indispensable module for people who have problems with the organization. The built-in schedule allows us to plan the server's work. However, it must be remembered that when we have a large back office and want to open several templates, we must try to get a strong server.

  • ProxyChecker - thanks to it we collect information about the proxy, we filter, generally it allows you to manage the proxy.We choose a specific template and we can use the proxy lists indicated by us. It is possible to add schemes that will collect proxies from different sites.

  • CapMonster - thanks to this module we can solve captcha. What exactly is captcha? It is a technique that serves as a security feature on websites. First of all, it frees you from spam, protects portals from setting up fake accounts, secures discussion forums and blogs.

  • CodeCreator - an alternative to ProjectMaker, the only difference is that we work with codes.

What else does ZennoPoster offer us?

In addition to the basic modules that are considered mandatory, there are a few that will greatly facilitate our work and will have a significant impact on the efficiency of our daily activities:

  • ZenBlog - for creating blogs and web 2.0 profiles. How does it work and what are its possibilities? He registers an account on the platform, activates a link from the mail if necessary, randomizes the look of the blog from the available skins, is responsible for sharing the first entry and many more. The resulting blogs can be easily cataloged. We set the start time of a given task ourselves, which maximizes the efficiency of the work performed.

  • ZenHost - is responsible for project management, as is the case with ZenBlog. The first time you start ZenHost, the project list from ZenBlog is imported. Templates called as hosting services are responsible for setting up free accounts on them. One launch of such a template is the creation of one account. It must be remembered that some of these services have certain limitations, e.g. one account per 24 hours.

  • Whisperer - a set designed for word of mouth marketing. It also allows you to get links from forums. Automatic topic search makes it easy for us to get the first post.

  • Checking the activity of your pages - a small template that can allow us to work on the smooth operation of our files. It may be a small thing, but it can be crucial.

  • Voter - a very useful template for voting, i.e. marking the thumb up or down. Already in the first stage, we can cast our votes, and what's more, we can set the number of clicks. After learning how to vote, we set up a template that will be responsible for voting.

ZennoPoster is not the only tool of note and playing a key role in the SEO industry. Each specialist has their own programs they are willing to work on and they do not have to be known and appreciated by colleagues from the industry. ZennoPoster has fierce competition in this field. The following deserve attention:

  • SeoLight with an additionally built synonym dictionary,

  • A publisher that allows you to handle a large number of directory scripts,

  • XRummer, without which many cannot imagine positioning. However, his nickname "spammer's softer" was not given to him unfoundedly, and therefore some people no longer treat him as a true leader in SEO tools,

  • Scrapebox with very extensive options for selecting places where a specific entry is to appear,

  • SEO Adder with automatic cataloging and registration of user profiles.

Without a good tool, no SEO specialist will be able to do their job effectively and efficiently. ZennoPoster has great potential and offers a wide range of possibilities, which is why it is so eagerly chosen by specialists in this industry.