SLIM VAT 2 - what changes await us?


A few months ago, the first SLIM VAT package was developed to make it easier for entrepreneurs to settle tax on goods and services. Pre-consultations have started on the next one: SLIM VAT 2. 15 new simplifications have been prepared. The proposed solutions result from the demands put forward by the market through the Voice of the Taxpayer application and during the meetings in the "Dialogue with Business" series.

Slim VAT 2 - what are the benefits?

The project of the SLIM VAT 2 package consists of 15 new solutions. They are to contribute to the facilitation of VAT settlements and help to remove obsolete, unnecessary and time-consuming obligations imposed on entrepreneurs. Thanks to them, unnecessary formalities are to be eliminated and the liquidity of companies should improve, especially important during a pandemic. The proposed simplifications have been divided into 5 areas:

  • simpler invoicing;

  • VAT - easier real estate turnover;

  • friendly VAT deduction;

  • improvement of liquidity in SPM and relief for bad debts;

  • VAT in international trade - benefits and legal certainty.

SLIM VAT 2 - what new solutions?

Thanks to the computerization of KAS, some of the existing duties have become redundant. The draft SLIM VAT 2 package provides that it will no longer be necessary to state the reason for the correction of the invoice. It is also planned to resign from duplicate invoices or extend the possibility of issuing an invoice from 30 to 60 days before the delivery of goods, performance of services or receipt of an advance payment. It is also intended to increase the flexibility of exercising the right to deduct VAT. The SLIM VAT 2 package also takes into account the lifting of restrictions on the issue of collective corrective invoices. Their use is to be made possible, e.g. when the taxpayer grants a discount for individual supplies or services. This should save entrepreneurs time. It is planned that the simplifications of the SLIM VAT 2 package will also be available to carriers and people traveling by public transport. Currently, the invoice is e.g. train tickets, documenting a journey over 50 km. In the case of a shorter distance, it is necessary to ask for an invoice at a kiosk or from the driver. Thanks to the new solutions, the kilometer limit is to be abolished. The SLIM VAT 2 package provides for the possibility of deducting VAT on shorter journeys related to the entrepreneur's business activity. The project also provides for changes for companies using the split payment mechanism. An option to transfer funds between taxpayer's VAT accounts kept in different banks is to be introduced. Entrepreneurs will also be able to pay contributions to KRUS from the VAT account. Other changes included in the SLIM VAT 2 package include: more complete neutrality in taxation of import of services, easier choice of taxation options in real estate transactions, easier VAT deduction for cars used for business activity, regulation of the method of making in-minus adjustments in the case of importing services and intra-Community acquisition of goods and extending the time for taking advantage of the bad debt relief from 2 up to 3 years.

Until March 1, 2021, you can submit your comments and opinions on the project to [email protected]