Snapchat - what is it and what is it for?

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Snapchat, or disappearing photos - this multimedia messenger has been valued at over three billion dollars. The application has been breaking popularity records around the world for three years. What made over 100 million users use it today? What is Snapchat and why are we so eager to use it? Where is the phenomenon of disappearing photos hidden?

Snapchat is an internet messenger that appeared on our market about three years ago. Today it is used by 100 million users, although there are many more inactive accounts. According to statistics, every day internet users send about 700 million videos and photos among themselves. This application is not complicated. The program enables quick and easy exchange of multimedia files. The whole thing has been additionally enriched with the possibility of text and video communication, however, these options have appeared quite recently. You may think that there are a lot of instant messengers like Snapchat on the Internet. However, the application is distinguished by a small element - automatic deletion of content sent between users. Something like this does not seem to be possible. It is worth considering, however, that the creator of the popular social networking site Facebook himself offered Snapchat creators three million dollars to buy the rights to the application. The messenger also has the option of publishing Stories - short videos or a set of photos made available on the general forum or only to a selected person.

Free and easy to use Snapchat

Installing the program is child's play. Android and iOS users can download Snapchat from official store platforms. Unfortunately, users with Windows Phone cannot download the messenger. Some time ago an unofficial snap-app appeared, but due to the large number of leaked photos, the creators of Snapchat are struggling with every instance of copying and imitating their program. Today, nothing is known about whether the messenger will be available on Windows Phone.

After installing the application, it is necessary to create an individual Snapchat account. It is also not difficult - all you need to do is enter your e-mail address, date of birth and telephone number. Only people over 13 years of age can use the messenger. Then we choose a username that will be visible to our friends (also strangers) and a password. The first launch of Snapchat is associated with the verification of contacts stored on our phone - the program automatically finds and adds to our friends list contacts who also use it. Of course, we can also add them manually, but there is much more work to do.

Snapchat seems simple in every way. Due to the small number of functionalities, both younger and older people can handle the program. After starting the application, the camera module is displayed. In the upper left corner of the screen you can turn the flash on or off, in the right corner you can switch between the front and rear camera, in the lower right corner you can go to the message list, and in the left corner to the contacts list. Undoubtedly, everyone can master Snapchat. The most comprehensive element of the program is, of course, the camera module. A large, round shutter button located at the very bottom of the screen allows us to take a photo (short press) or record a movie (long press). Both movies and photos can be decorated and embellished in any way - draw on them with different colors, add text and simple graphics.

After we take a photo / video and add all the effects that interest us, we can share the material. Initially, we choose the time during which it will be available to our recipient. The default value is only three seconds. The program allows freedom in this regard, although in the range from one to 10 seconds. We send the prepared message to the recipient who will have exactly as many seconds as previously set to look at it.

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Snapchat, i.e. text and video communication

Snapchat also has the option of text and video communication between users. As with photos and videos, all traces of conversation are removed. In this case, however, there is an option to save the conversation and thus prevent their permanent loss. The latest functionality of the popular Snapchat refers to social networks. We can, because we publish Stories. Stories is a collection of photos or videos that can be shared with a larger group of people - selected users or the public. Compared to standard photos, these are only deleted after 24 hours.

Undoubtedly, the Snapcash module should also be mentioned. It is not yet available in our country, although it can be safely assumed that it is only a matter of time. Snapcash allows you to transfer money quickly and efficiently between users. The possibility of using this option depends on having a payment or credit card. It is necessary to enter its number in the application options.

Snapchat is incredibly popular thanks to its very high level of privacy controls. In the program options, we can define who we want to contact and who can have access to Stories. Does this mean Snapchat has no downsides? For most of us, it will be problematic that the communicator is only available in English.

So what can Snapchat do for us? Automatic deletion of conversations and photos doesn't seem very useful. However, this solution has its advantages - we do not limit the memory of our smartphone with anything. What is the most popular type of uploaded photo? Of course, the selfie that breaks popularity records around the world. It is not known, however, why food photos came second. It cannot be denied that Snapchat plays a large role in sexting. Users exchange undressing photos with each other. Of course, there is also a group of people who use the messenger for text and video communication.

Snapchat - advantages

Snapchat has many advantages. Undoubtedly, automatic deletion of uploaded photos, videos and ongoing conversations is one of them. Additionally, a great advantage is the possibility of video and text communication, as well as creating your own Stories. The program's easy-to-use interface also deserves attention. Hopefully, Windows Phone users will also be able to enjoy snapping soon.