Social Media Care - the role of customer service in social media

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Today's consumers are demanding and often impatient if they need help from a company, so social media is increasingly one of the first places to contact it. Therefore, it is important that Social Media Care for each brand is an important field of activity in customer communication.

What is Social Media Care?

As has already been said, customer service on social media is becoming more and more important today. The modern consumer is not just an ordinary customer, but a proactive customer. In practice, this means that it has or wants to have a direct impact on the process of creating, communicating and sharing the company's content. At the core of Social Media Care is mainly two-way communication. This means that the brand's contact with the customer is based on an exchange of views, and not on one-sided publishing of posts by the company.

How to build and implement an effective Social Media Care strategy?

Empathy, flexibility, the ability to listen and an individual approach to each case - these are, at the beginning, one of the most important points that should be taken into account when building a customer service strategy, not only within social media.

Here are some valuable tips and tricks for creating your Social Media Care strategy:

  • The customer is always right

Even if it's not really there for the end. There is no point in arguing publicly with a client. One is our opposition to his messages and there is already a good chance for more, not very nice and often aggressive posts. It is also not about apologizing for things that were not done. We will always find more people willing to give a bad opinion about the company, while those who rate it positively are definitely less. We are much more willing to share bad experiences from contact with a given brand than positive ones. Consumers trust other users much more than the brand itself.

  • Use 3 magic words

Please, sorry and thank you - words that are instilled in us from childhood. For good reason. They help us function with other people on a daily basis, so why not use them as often and willingly in communicating with clients as part of the entire Social Media Care strategy? It costs us nothing and we can only gain. It is known that no one likes to admit mistakes, but often avoiding making statements or, in the case of social media, writing the word "I'm sorry" can lead to long and often pointless dialogues between the brand and the client or group of recipients. Therefore, as a company, let's not be afraid to use these magic words, because often their use can bring us new loyal customers who will appreciate our honesty, the power to correct mistakes and the desire to maintain good relationships.

  • Hiding comments - okay, but no exaggeration

Internet trolls are one thing and their comments should of course not be hidden, but removed and blocked. However, when it comes to regular user posts, deleting here is not a good practice. We can hide comments, which is a good solution because it will still be visible to the person who issued it. However, you should also be moderate in this, because in the case of complex conversations, hiding too many replies to comments causes the number of replies to be visible, which indicates a completely different number of posts from the ones we actually see. The function of hiding comments is especially useful in the case of paid ads set for specific purposes, e.g. setting up an account with a given company. If a negative comment is visible under such an advertisement, then, to put it mildly, the conversion rate may not increase as we previously expected.

  • "Thank you for your message. We will try to answer as soon as possible "

Calming or rather irritating? More like the latter. We definitely prefer to receive a response from the company after some time, but with a specific solution to our problem. When a client contacts the company via social media, he hopes that this is where his problem will be solved. Of course, not every industry has such an opportunity. Often, due to the complexity of programs, all documentation for reported problems must be "in the middle" of the system.However, in many cases, answers can be given from the level of social media. Nobody likes to be sent to the next "instance", so it is worth trying to answer the problems reported via social media each time.

Social Media Care - an important aspect in building a communication strategy with the client

Each company that has and actively maintains profiles in social media should ensure appropriate customer service who tries to make contact through them. You should pay attention to the above advice, but remember that on the other side there is also a man who often writes in social media, because he expects a quick response or help - not just any, but reliable information that will solve his problem. Therefore, when running corporate social media, it is worth following the principle of providing answers that we would like to receive ourselves and we would find satisfactory.